What others say about Clever Survivalist

You are probably wondering if anyone that has ever dealt with me has had anything to say.  The answer is a resounding YES!  Below is a few testimonials from people that have read my blog on Clever Survivalist or listened to my broadcast on The Prepper Podcast.

Geri of Florida

GeriFLI’m really concerned about our economy and have been trying to set my family and I in a better way to handle a crisis… Ken, you are fabulous!



 Thurl of East Africa

“Your website is a joy to read. Down to earth without any of the usual frills. I just love your sense of humor. Never change…”

Blake of Australia

image2Best Prepping/Survival podcast out there! Simple, Straight forward, Detailed information covering a complete range of prepping knowledge! …keep up the great work Ken!!”



Sean of Massachusetts

sean stockYou have the best podcast on iTunes. I enjoy your real word info. You seen like a cool guy who is down to earth and not better than anyone else. Your battery podcast about deep cell battery’s was very informative… your info is golden.



Ken of Michigan

Ken Michigan Stock“Wow, what a great thing you have/are providing, knowledge! I really appreciate your time… The best to you and your family Ken!”




Daniel of North Carolina

DanielNC“Good common sense recommendations from Ken.  He has a great deal of experience in a multitude of areas.”



Randy of Florida

RandyFL“Thanks for the podcast. I appreciate the info.”




Paul from Hawaii

paul hawaii stock“There are a lot of us out there doing what we feel is best for our situations and I’m just glad that you keep your information current and add this kind of personal flare.”



Danny of California

Danny of CA stockThe information is great and I have absorbed a great amount… Thanks again for all you do.”




Brett of Georgia

brett georgia stock“Recently found your podcast and have really enjoyed listening. I love your topic selection and appreciate all the knowledge you’re sharing with your listeners… Again, I really enjoy your podcast and am starting to make headway browsing your website as well.”

Tiffany of Vermont

tiffany vernmont stockThank you for sending me all of your wisdom and experience, I have truly enjoyed it, both listening and reading, and have gleaned much information from it.”



Joe of U.S.

joe us stock“First let me say thank you. I’m fairly new to prepping. Just found your podcast… I’m enjoying your show and have learned a couple new things and have been getting some great refreshers… Thanks again keep up the awesome work.”

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