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Surviving Natural and Economic Disasters: Low Cost Survival Checklist
[sociallinkz] To wrap up and round out the “Low Cost Survival Checklist” community requested series, I will be briefly discussing why you should prepare and give yourself a chance for surviving natural disasters and economic disasters. Don’t forget to go to my National Preparedness Month  Social Media Post that I have made one facebook and twitter and share it for chances to […]

Surviving Natural and Economic Disasters: Low Cost Survival Checklist

[sociallinkz]     Although my specialty is in survival of more temperate climates, I would do you a great disservice If I did not include Artic survival techniques as well.  In this edition of survivor school, I show you how to build a cave style snow shelter.  This technique mimics that of a fox den […]

Survivor School: Build a Cave Style Snow Shelter

In our attempt to find the perfect shelter, we must discuss how to build a debris shelter (aka One Man Shelter).  The Debris Shelter is a surprisingly warm shelter, probably because how close it is to the body. The Debris Shelter starts with attaching a ridgepole made of a long branch to the trunk of […]

Survivor School: Build Debris or One Man Shelter in the ...

[sociallinkz] Let’s say that you are hiking in the woods from starting point “A” to destination “B.”  You are only halfway to site B.  It is a hot, still day.  A few clouds are in the sky.  While looking at your GPS, you notice that the barometric pressure is dropping dramatically, and in the distance […]

Survivor School: How to Make a Lean To Shelter in ...

[sociallinkz] I will visit a commonly known shelter, of which there are several ways to build.  It is called the A-Frame shelter.  There is a lashed version (uses a tree for stability) and a free standing version.  A-Frame shelters are a very useful type, because they are quick and strong. It is useful for keeping […]

Survivor School: How to Build A-Frame Shelter in Wilderness