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We can all agree that there is a time and a place for a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) instead of hiking it out on foot.  Why not take advantage of the huge power and hauling advantage you have with a vehicle.  Carry everything you need for a distant trip by stocking your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) with […]

9 Survival Needs You MUST Meet in Your Bug Out ...

Ill Prepared? Never Finished in Preparations or Survivalism Goals: Keep Calm and Prep On
So you have been reading my blog for over a year now.  You have been listening to The Prepper Podcast.  You have been saving money and meeting your prepping goals.  You have a year’s supply of freeze-dried foods.  You have a huge garden.  You have a huge medical kit and several different caliber firearms.  You […]

Ill Prepared? Never Finished in Preparations or Survivalism Goals

Last Time, I wrote all about some of the needs of children of preppers, but today, I need to cover some consideration for training them.  This is in response to an email that I got from one of the wonderful community members that I have only found in this niche: Survival. Like I said last time, […]

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