Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Crossfire Defense

Crossfire is extremely effective!

Crossfire is both Offensive and Defensive.
By “interlocking fire,” or lining up your weapons’ so the arcs of fire overlap, you make it extremely difficult for anyone to attack either of you.

Crossfire is difficult to hide from.

By setting up from two different angles, it is difficult for others to hide.  If I hide from gun number one, gun number two is at a good angle to attack.  If I hide from gun number two, gun one has an advantage.

Crossfire creates a “no man’s land” that is impossible to cross.

crossfire defense

Lots of people have lost lives trying to cross this area.

Maybe, using armored vehicles, air support, indirect fire support, or stealth can overcome a defense.  But if you use crossfire coupled with mines, snipers, and barbed wire, you become very difficult to beat.

Add air cover to the mix, and you become the impossible foe!

Crossfire is awesome at defending your front lines.

Machine guns were used during WWI to provide crossfire defense to the front of their trenches.  They were called machine-gun nests and were incredibly nasty to anyone attacking the trenches.

This was probably a huge contribution to the success of trench warfare.

crossfire defense

Use the ultimate crossfire defense in urban environments

Place people behind buildings on both sides of the choke point (entrance) where they could provide crossfire.

Add a few snipers on top, barbed wire around the entrances and a small front line with minor explosives and you have a recipe for awesome defense!

Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Defense in Depth

Defend Your Position and Beat Your Opponent by Giving Up!

You heard me right!!! You lightly defend a territory, but ultimately you are giving it up.

You trick your opponent into more casualties, a loss of momentum, and loss of a strong defensive line.

Defense in depth is doing all of this in order to spread out a strong attacker so you can counter-attack their weak points.

defense in depth

Your goal is to get your territory back but with great casualty to the enemy.

Destroy Conventional Offense by Spreading Out

Instead of placing all your resources at the front line, you place some of your weaker resources there. Then place your stronger forces in position for mobile attack.

As the stronger line advances slowly (you are resisting them the entire way), and overtake your defenses, they are opened to flank.  If they stall, they get overtaken on all sides.

You can’t do this if you focus all of your force in one front line.

Keep Resisting!

You trick them into thinking you aren’t giving up, only to hit them when they least expect it!

This could easily be done in a suburban or wooded environment.

DON’T DO THIS when you just cannot give up the property at the front line, because if it backfires… you lost it.

Awesome Military Tactical Defense Maneuvers – Guerrilla Strategies

Your group is small. Your enemy is big.  Win with a guerrilla defense!

Since the 1700s, guerrilla (or diminutive form of war) warfare has been a concept.  It became extremely popular due to the huge effectiveness in the Spanish guerrilla resistance in 1808 to the French invasion.

Stay superior in battle BECAUSE you are small.

Using a small, mobile force can allow you to use the terrain to your advantage and avoid confrontation with large opponent groups.

Instead, eliminate small groups of soldiers to reduce your losses while exhausting the opposition.

Don’t hurt people, kill their supply!

Target enemy resources instead of their forces.  You will weaken your enemy, and they will eventually have to withdraw.

Succeed in guerrilla warfare by hiding.

guerrilla warfare

Simplified guerrilla warfare organization

Guerrilla attack is usually done from a hidden position so you can “get the drop” on others.  One way people understand is by hiding as a civilian, so it is difficult for the enemy to figure out which person is you, or which is the non-combatant.

Preppers have a term for this.  Being a “Grayman” means blending in with surroundings, so you don’t stand out as a threat.

This allows you to ambush and defeat a larger force.

Become an annoying pest, with strategy!

  • If they advances, we retreat.
  • If they camp out, we harass.
  • When they get tired, we attack.
  • If they retreat, we chase after them and pick them off.


Extremely Important: This tactic is much more effective if your group is supported by the majority of the locals.

guerilla force


guerilla defense

The only way to beat you is to take EXTREME MEASURES.

If you are a guerillero or guerillera, you become a difficult foe.  Larger forces or states will use tactics that they call “counter insurgency.”

Counter-Insurgency is typically taking extreme measures to reduce the confusion that you make.  Large opposing forces may do the following:

  1. Divide you from the population, causing you to move.
  2. Mass Murder
  3. Genocide
  4. Terror
  5. Torture
  6. Execution
  7. Destroying the Terrain (like defoliating trees in Vietnam) that you hide
  8. Food Supply Destruction
  9. Over-mining of fields (explosive mines)
  10. You could even be man-hunted.

This is WAR???

The “Art of War” has changed.  Guerrilla warfare can be fought on a digital battlefield.  Many times you can get the upper hand just by playing a game.

Get Media on your side.  A big power move today is to get media involved.  Don’t discount this.  You never know what you may need on your side.

Disorder is the name of the game.  Many times the most difficult warfare to counter is that which has no apparent goal.  But you better have a goal, otherwise you are wasting your time.  Set up your properties, neighborhoods, and towns so you can defend guerilla-style!

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel Tactic

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel


What is the Center Peel Tactic?

If you are at all aware of the overwatch position, or the leapfrogging tactic, you know all about using cover fire for your advancing members.  But what about retreat?  What if you find yourself in harms way against a larger group with more fire power?

One way you could fall back is called the “Center Peel.”  Many infantry simply call this “Peel.”

Center Peel is a tactic where your group or unit will retreat under cover fire.  You will move diagonally in the direction of your retreat.

How is Center Peel Performed?

Center Peel

When you are in the need to retreat, and the command for center peel is given, your group will form a rough battle line.  The second to farthest person from the retreat direction shouts, “Peel One!”

Then the guy at the end of the line will move diagonally to the direction of retreat.  He will move behind and then to the other side of the one that shouted “Peel One!” Once he is in a location of about 3 feet, or 1 meter, diagonally behind the “one” person, he resumes suppression fire.

The rest of the commands will be “Peel!” and the person running back, or peeling, will have to run behind suppression fire.

The suppression fire gives the benefit of delaying the opposing force’s advance and attack.

The slanting motion of center peel, gives the impression of a growing number of guys joining the battle, which will mentally delay the opposition as well.  It also allows us to keep the field of fire open for each group member.

Center Peel is an awesome method of retreat if you find yourself overcome.  It is designed for groups with lower numbers, which means it is designed for those that are looking to defend their neighborhood and homes with a small group.

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch

”You must prepare yourself. If you are not competent in a tactical and technical sense, you will not be fit to lead. You will be a danger to your Soldiers, exposing them needlessly, and destroying their confidence in themselves as well as in you.”
BG S. L. A. Marshall
From DA PAM 600-65, Leadership Statements and Quotes

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch

What is The Overwatch?

I am going to dive deeper into specifics of fire and movement tactics.  Two large items in this tactic of fire and movement, also known as a leapfrogging tactic, are the advancing force, and the overwatch.  First, I want to dive deeper into what the overwatch is.
The Overwatch is generally the person or group that is overwatching, or supporting, the advancing person or group.  The overwatch will take a position where it can observe all the terrain ahead, including enemy positions, so it can provide cover fire for the advancing group.
Basic Overwatch
 fire and maneuver overwatch

Effectiveness of the Overwatch

There are two huge factors in the effectiveness of the overwatch position.  The first factor is providing cover for the overwatch.  The second factor is providing unobstructed lines of fire, which INCLUDES friendly units.  Obviously, if the advancing group is anywhere around the line of fire, the overwatch needs to be careful.  This would be a wonderful application of tracer rounds, so the advancing group can see them.

What is the Bounding Overwatch?

Bounding Overwatch Dismounted

Bounding Overwatch Dismounted

Overwatch generally just means the person or group that is providing cover fire, but this group may not be stationary because of the fire and movement tactic being employed.  This is called the Bounding Overwatch, or moving overwatch.
All this means is that two groups are taking turns advancing while the other plays a supporting role of overwatch.  If you want to know more, just visit my fire and movement post.
Bounding overwatch mounted

Bounding Overwatch Mounted