Military Tactical Maneuvers

crossfire defense
Crossfire is extremely effective! Crossfire is both Offensive and Defensive. By “interlocking fire,” or lining up your weapons’ so the arcs of fire overlap, you make it extremely difficult for anyone to attack either of you. Crossfire is difficult to hide from. By setting up from two different angles, it is difficult for others to […]

Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Crossfire Defense

defense in depth
Defend Your Position and Beat Your Opponent by Giving Up! You heard me right!!! You lightly defend a territory, but ultimately you are giving it up. You trick your opponent into more casualties, a loss of momentum, and loss of a strong defensive line. Defense in depth is doing all of this in order to […]

Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Defense in Depth

guerilla strategies
Your group is small. Your enemy is big.  Win with a guerrilla defense! Since the 1700s, guerrilla (or diminutive form of war) warfare has been a concept.  It became extremely popular due to the huge effectiveness in the Spanish guerrilla resistance in 1808 to the French invasion. Stay superior in battle BECAUSE you are small. […]

Awesome Military Tactical Defense Maneuvers – Guerrilla Strategies

center peel
Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel   What is the Center Peel Tactic? If you are at all aware of the overwatch position, or the leapfrogging tactic, you know all about using cover fire for your advancing members.  But what about retreat?  What if you find yourself in harms way against a larger group with more […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel Tactic

”You must prepare yourself. If you are not competent in a tactical and technical sense, you will not be fit to lead. You will be a danger to your Soldiers, exposing them needlessly, and destroying their confidence in themselves as well as in you.” BG S. L. A. Marshall From DA PAM 600-65, Leadership Statements […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch

marching fire 3
Marching fire (aka walking fire) is a military tactic where suppressive fire is used to allow advancing of troops. In marching fire, the advancing group fires their weapons, non-stop and without reaiming, attempting to pin down the enemy. This is different from my recent post on “fire and movement” because the attackers will advance in […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Marching Fire

Infiltration Tactics
“When you’re on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.” ~ Major Rogers standing orders for his Rangers in 1759.” Infiltration Tactics There are times in small unit warfare that infiltration tactics are needed.  This is one of the hardest tactics to switch […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Infiltration Tactics

Turrent Down
Military Tactical Maneuvers: Hull Down and Turret Down Two wonderful tactical maneuvers that are terrific for small units are the  “Hull-Down” and “Turret-Down”. Hull-Down is where the upper part of your vehicle or item is visible, but the main part of it is hidden.  Although “Hull-Down” is a term that originates from naval warfare, it […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Hull Down and Turret Down

Flank Attack
Although I break down lots of different scenarios and maneuvers for you, there are two basic applications:   1.You decide to move   2.You implement static defense   Since this is a military tactic, movement often is paired with suppressive fire.  This principle is called “fire and movement.”  I will discuss this maneuver in another […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Individual Movement Techniques (IMTs) or Infantry Minor ...