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Learn How to easily and cheaply store food for a food shortage.  I make a survival centered list of actions to be taken to get your storage going.  First I will teach you about what copy canning is, then I will give you an quick method for beginning your newbie food storage. After I give […]

TPP014 How to Store Food for Shortage Survival, List of ...

Storing Food for Shortage Made Easy, Low Cost Survival Checklist P3: Canned Foods 4
I have written about storing food before, but today is going to be a different look on the same topic.  I was requested by Stephen of TN to do something on a tight budget, so I thought that I would go through many different aspects of survival with the dollar signs in mind.  You can […]

Storing Food for Shortage Made Easy, Low Cost Survival Checklist ...

[sociallinkz] Most of you survivalists out there are big into food storage (if you are not, it won’t be long till that bug bites you too).  There are many different methods to storing food: Canning Pressure canning Dehydrating Freezing Curing (for meat) Root Cellars Freeze Drying And more (if you prefer anything specific that you […]

Food for a Year: Plastic and Mason Jar Dinners

[sociallinkz] I mentioned in my blog about storm survival the need for food.  I didn’t go in much detail because for the acute storm scenario, none is really needed, but it is very important that you know how important in a more extensive scenario knowing how to store food is.  Remember when I wrote about […]

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