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Best Foods to Eat are Wild Edibles (55 Edible Weeds and Plants!)
I want you to know the best foods to eat in the wilderness by telling you to eat wild edibles that grow in your own area. I am talking about edible weeds and plants that are just as delicious as they are healthy. Let’s go through some safety tips for eating wild edibles: Mushrooms are […]

Best Foods to Eat are Wild Edibles (55 Edible Weeds ...

[sociallinkz] I showed you guys the square foot garden model and discussed how companion planting is good for your crops.  I will show you now, how I have used the tools that I provided you to come up with one of our many beds. First, we made a list of many different types of plants that we […]

How to Get Plants to Grow (Raised square garden design)

[sociallinkz] I will show you how to make soil rich so you will succeed in gardening, even if it is your first garden.  Step one in organic farming should be preparing your soil. The typical method of soil preparation is actually destroying the soil.  It is destroying the natural layers of dirt.  These layers are […]

Making a Garden Plot: How to Make Soil Nutrient Rich