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If you want to cover just about anything that could happen to you or your vehicle during a bug out, then you need to take advantage of all that extra capacity in a vehicle.  Carry some gear! Great Gear To Include in Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) The following gear is awesome for a bug out […]

Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Gear You Must Have When SHTF   Recently updated !

bugging out
You have learned from the best… You have a well-stocked bug out bag.  You have a keen eye and can pay attention to everything in your surroundings. You listen to all the local radio streams and know everything that is going on around you. You can get out of dodge right away, before most people […]


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Even though, I think that bugging in is best, sometimes, you will need to decide if you will bug out or not. The purpose of bugging out is to get out of the way of a threat or great danger that will become a real problem if you stay where you are at. Both natural […]

Terrible Disasters that will Require Bugging Out

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Amazing Preparedness Techniques for the Disabled and Senior Citizens   You will have to consistently use that mental muscle to determine ways to evaluate your preparedness and bug out techniques. You then will have to adapt your preparedness to your fit your physical capabilities. When Bugging Out is Required, Follow This Sound Advice You may […]

Bugging Out, Bug Out Bags, Emergency Action Plans, and Amazing ...

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When in an orienteering course, you are generally both in a race and honing your skills at reading maps.  This is a way to get exercise as well as get some skill in wilderness survival.  This can be an extremely fun way to gain experience in a VITAL skill in bug-out scenarios.  As a matter […]

Basic Orienteering Course: Topographic Map and Compass

Bug Out by Vehicle: Know the Emergency Action Plan for Traffic: Evacuate, Evacuation Traffic
When we think about a bug out by vehicle, we know that traffic is a possibility, but the closer you get to your destination, the better your Emergency Action Plan knowledge should be.  The better your route should be. I wanted to take a break from all of the products reviews and such to discuss […]

Bug Out by Vehicle: Know the Emergency Action Plan for ...

Episode 18 of The Prepper Podcast: bug out vehicle, BOV, bug out truck, bug out van, bug out vehicle equipment list, bug out vehicle packing list, what is a bug out vehicle I discuss the bug out vehicle gear list to make yours the best bug out vehicle of all prepper vehicles.  The discussion includes: Types […]

TPP018 Best Bug Out Vehicle or Prepper Vehicles Gear List

Survival Skills, Bug Out Location, Low Cost Survival Checklist P1: Disaster Plan 2
  [sociallinkz] Well, here is part one of a series that I will be doing that is specifically for a low cost survival checklist. In this part I want to start the whole thing off by discussing the value of survival skills, having a known bug out location, and knowing when to go. Don’t forget […]

Survival Skills, Bug Out Location, Low Cost Survival Checklist P1