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If you want to cover just about anything that could happen to you or your vehicle during a bug out, then you need to take advantage of all that extra capacity in a vehicle.  Carry some gear! Great Gear To Include in Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) The following gear is awesome for a bug out […]

Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Gear You Must Have When SHTF   Recently updated !

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I may not agree with it, but many people want to stuff as much gear as possible in their bug-out bags.  It it you?  Do you want a bag the size of a small purse that can hold an AR-15, 30 gallons of water, and a buick? Whether you want a small bag to bet […]

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Bob Frame
You are listening to the radio, when you hear about an uprising happening close to you.  You grab you duffel bag and a tactical backpack and throw it in your bug-out-mobile to get out of dodge. On your route out of town, you get stranded in a riot.  You left your car and your duffel […]

How to Choose an Amazing BOB Frame so You Can ...

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Amazing Preparedness Techniques for the Disabled and Senior Citizens   You will have to consistently use that mental muscle to determine ways to evaluate your preparedness and bug out techniques. You then will have to adapt your preparedness to your fit your physical capabilities. When Bugging Out is Required, Follow This Sound Advice You may […]

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