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Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) should have enough room to carry every person in your party as well as their gear.  Think of a simple family of 6… two adults and four children.  You will need enough seating for everyone. Choose a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that Can Hold Your Family Do you use two vehicles or […]

2 Simple, Commonly Overlooked Storage Needs in Every Bug Out ...

There are a vast array of bags and packs out there that you could use as a bug-out bag.  All of these bags have a million options available to them. Many people worry that they will choose the wrong one.  Many don’t even think it is important. It IS IMPORTANT, but it IS EASY to […]

10 Awesome Options Available when Choosing Your BOB

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If the airlines places every passenger on one side of the plane, it couldn’t fly.  If you place everyone on one side of a vehicle, you would cause damage to the suspension system over time. If you place all of your gear in one pocket, or on one side of your pack without giving thought […]

How to Pack Your Bug Out Bag for Long Distance ...

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Every person is unique in their needs and their preferences.  There are several different types of bug out bags that you can use.  Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the correct bag style, and boost your bug out efficiency. Tactical assault Backpacks It is obvious when someone has a tactical backpack on.  Most of them […]

The Five Best Types of Bug Out Bags and Their ...

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You have learned from the best… You have a well-stocked bug out bag.  You have a keen eye and can pay attention to everything in your surroundings. You listen to all the local radio streams and know everything that is going on around you. You can get out of dodge right away, before most people […]