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Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) may be the most versatile vehicle out there, with the ability to climb rocks, dig through mud, and jump through the air at high speeds, but still be a poor choice of vehicle.  That Hummer, FJ Cruiser, or Extreme Jeep Wrangler could do you more harm than good! Don’t Draw Attention […]

6 Ways to Build a Covert Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) ...

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We can all agree that there is a time and a place for a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) instead of hiking it out on foot.  Why not take advantage of the huge power and hauling advantage you have with a vehicle.  Carry everything you need for a distant trip by stocking your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) with […]

9 Survival Needs You MUST Meet in Your Bug Out ...

I don’t know about you, but I am not a super wealthy man.  I can’t go to the local auto dealership and drop $300,000 dollars on a specialty-ordered Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV).  We generally look at basic sport utility vehicles and trucks that we can purchase, and still get decent performance. Since the average person isn’t […]

23 Amazing but Affordable Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs)

There are many other preparedness items that you should look at before changing your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), but if you are going to anyways, let’s discuss the different types of vehicles that are great Bug-Out capable machines.  There are always options, such as Four-Wheel Drive, that makes a vehicle better, but I am leaving the […]

6 Major Types of Bug Out Vehicles and Their Advantages

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Because I have learned things the hard way, I pay more attention to my vehicles now.  Don’t make the mistakes that I made.  Smart preppers learn from their mistakes, but WISE preppers learn from others’ mistakes. To keep your vehicle in top notch condition, follow the list of basic preventive maintenance. Check Fluids Change Intake […]

8 Super Reliable Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintenance Tips

Don’t be that poor sap, with a blown up motor on your truck in the middle of an ice storm.  Your vehicle could meet every single that makes it the most awesome Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) ever.  But if it isn’t reliable, all you have is a jacked-up, all-terrain, 4-wheel drive, over-sized PIECE OF CRAP. Three […]

4 Amazing Tips for Purchasing a Great Bug Out Vehicle ...

How far can your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) go on the fuel you have on-hand?  You need to get the maximum mileage possible so you can get further away. A disaster could leave you going the “route less traveled” and you may not find a gas station.  If you do finally find one, you shouldn’t be […]

6 Ways to Store Extra Fuel for Long-Range Bug Outs

Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) should have enough room to carry every person in your party as well as their gear.  Think of a simple family of 6… two adults and four children.  You will need enough seating for everyone. Choose a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that Can Hold Your Family Do you use two vehicles or […]

2 Simple, Commonly Overlooked Storage Needs in Every Bug Out ...