How far can your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) go on the fuel you have on-hand?  You need to get the maximum mileage possible so you can get further away. A disaster could leave you going the “route less traveled” and you may not find a gas station.  If you do finally find one, you shouldn’t be […]

6 Ways to Store Extra Fuel for Long-Range Bug Outs

Collecting Rainwater, Use Rain Water, Gray Water Reclamation
Today I want to show a very simple diagram of a system designed for collecting rainwater, then to use the rain water for a sink.  There is no filter on this barrel, so you probably shouldn’t consume it… although in a survival scenario you probably could use it.  The main issue with this system is […]

Collecting Rainwater, Use Rain Water, Gray Water Reclamation

[sociallinkz] When I discussed water resources in my post about surviving storms, I basically said to have a few bottles of water in a bag, and nothing more.  How is this sound survival advice?  Well, We were discussing an acute scenario.  I have to assume that some people that read this blog have never considered […]

How to Save Water Using Water Collecting Barrels, Water Purification, ...