Ammunition: Shotgun Cartridges, Components, Shell Sizes: Shotshell 1
    Today, I take time to discuss another general type of ammunition, shotgun cartridges. I will discuss shotgun shell components and shell sizes. Shotgun shells have similar components to rifle cartridges, except internal to the shell there is one more component.  The components of a shotshell are: The shot or slug The case The […]

Ammunition: Shotgun Cartridges, Components, Shell Sizes

[sociallinkz]   With the outrageous prices of tactical style weapons, that are incorrectly called “Assault Weapons,” and the crazy price of ammo, it seems that everyone is buying up everything that is in short supply.  Right now, try to find some .22, .223, 9mm, or 45cal bullets.  you will pay a premium price for these […]

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