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The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed critical thinking skills in everyone.  We provide blog posts and videos, survival tips, and product reviews for FREE!(and it always will be)

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The video below (and was one of my first, believe it or not) is on the blog and is meant to teach you to use a compass and map to navigate!

This next video is one of my reviews of a colt tactical survival knife!

Things that have been or are posted daily on this blog are things like:

  • Building Rocket Mass Stoves
  • Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft techniques
  • Organic Gardening Techniques
  • Beekeeping
  • Small Livestock Production
  • Cooking with Solar
  • Solar Photovoltaic systems and more alternative energy solutions
  • Composting
  • Homestead (histroric and modern techniques)
  • Permaculture and Hugalkulture
  • Food Storage
  • Emergency Scenario Preparedness
  • Survival Led Investing Techniques
  • and much more!

This is a small excerpt from one of the blog posts:

Hugelkultur Beds

Hugelkultur Beds

“I have discussed the permaculture concept of swales, hugelkulture beds, building rich soil, and square foot gardens. Today I combine the concepts into one for building a garden bed.

Large swale systems and hugelkultur beds are not really feasible for the back-yard, suburban gardener, so we continue preparing a garden bed with all of the methods, but on a smaller scale. We may not be able to retain an entire underground lake, like with the swales, or soak up an entire pond of water like in a full sized hugel bed, but we can reduce the size of all of these. If we use companion planting with it, we can add and control nutrient content of the soil.


First I plan on finding the contour of the yard and I will do this by using an A-Frame level, which I will have a video on building a simple one soon. Simply put, I will find the level lines of the yard to enhance water catchment.

Then I plan to dig a small trench down almost twice the width of the planned garden bed. Half of this will be your micro-swale and the other half of it will be your hybrid hugel…”


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