I provide AWESOME Survival and Prepping services to you!  Check Out the Amazing Stuff Below!

I have a free podcast that you can subscribe to:

I teach all kinds of awesome prepping and survival items on my Prepper Podcast.  I provide on-the-go training for about an hour each week.

The Prepper Podcast Survival Podcast

My blog is free for you:

I write about one post per week and teach detailed information that you may pay tons of money for, but I do it for FREE.  If you can’t find it on my site, you aren’t looking.  I have more on here than you will get in any survival manual.

The Clever Survivalist Blog: A Prepping and Survival Guide

I provide free seminars:

If you want to learn from me in person.  I occasionally will provide you with free training in videos and slides, which will teach you extremely valuable skills.

Survival Webinars

I have a resource page:

As I have resources available to help you in your prepping journey.  I even have cool stuff such as prepping ringtones!

Prepper Resources Prepper Podcast Clever Survivalist

I have a Survival Shop:

I critically choose the Survival Gear and Survival tools that are on the shop.

Survival Gear Tools .com

More Free Survival Training on YouTube!

If my seminars aren’t enough for you, I also provide more Prepping training videos on youtube!

Preppers on Youtube

Detailed Survival Consultant

If you would like personal tailored training, one-on-one or group training, or a phone call, I am a Survival Consultant.  I take a look where you are in your survival journey, and provide detailed and personal recommendations to do so quickly and within budget!


Best Survival Consultant

Not Just a Survival Consultant, A Web Designer???

Essentially all of my websites have been designed by me.  I design much of the graphics used on my sites as well.  Due to the different skills required for websites and internet marketing, I can provide the following services as well.  Just go to my contact page to ask about these services that I do in my spare time.

Web Design

Graphic Design


Social Media Marketing

Google Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Get the FREE Bug Out Bag Checklist!!!


Our FREE Checklist will tell you exactly what you could place in your Bug Out Bag so you can fast-track your ability to get out of dodge when the shit hits the fan!

You will also get awesome survival tips every week.

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