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If you are Press, such as Journalism, Photography, Broadcasting, etc. then this is the page for you.  My (Ken Jensen) biographical information is here as well as a form to fill out in the event that you want to get in contact with The Clever Survivalist.

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CleverSurvivalist TextThe Clever Survivalist Blog, is a Survival Guide written by Ken Jensen and is based on Military, Wilderness and Modern Day Survival.  The goal of The Clever Survivalist is devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance and to develop survival skills and critical thinking skills in everyone, resulting in a more resilient and more enjoyable life.


Ken Jensen, Survival Consultant, Writer of The Clever Survivalist Blog, Broadcaster at The Prepper Podcast Survival Podcast, Owner Of Survival Gear Tools ShopKen Jensen is an American, Ex-Military Patriot that is knowledgeable and experienced in Electronics and Industrial Electrical design and maintenence. Ken is also an experienced Nuclear Reactor Operator and also worked on nuclear instrumentation. He grew up hunting, camping and spending time outdoors. In adulthood, Ken has spent many years learning wilderness survival and, eventually, urban survival.

Ken is the author of a book, The Honey and The Bee and is the main author and contributor to The Clever Survivalist Blog, Survival Guide and The Prepper Podcast, Survival Podcast


Fill out the form in its entirety.  Only Serious inquisitions.   I am NOT looking to make a name for myself badly enough that I will agree to go on every survival show under the sun.  I will only entertain requests by serious, reputable people and organizations that are looking to show survival for what it truly is, a selfless, intellectual hobby based in knowledge, skill, and positive drive.  I do not plan to star in reality television because it is usually based on shock and awe instead of solid survival techniques.

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