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We can all agree that there is a time and a place for a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) instead of hiking it out on foot.  Why not take advantage of the huge power and hauling advantage you have with a vehicle.  Carry everything you need for a distant trip by stocking your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) with […]

9 Survival Needs You MUST Meet in Your Bug Out ...

Christmas is an extremely important time of year! During Christmas, people have good will to others, and they tend to enjoy giving to others.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are, there is usually a great holiday this time of year. The holiday season is an excuse to be happy, and be with your family […]

Christmas 2016 – The Prepper Podcast

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Many times in your life, you will end up in some type of disaster.  I don’t know what all of them are.  But I can guarantee that you will see a bad storm, wild fire, house fire, hurricane, earthquake or other disaster that could require you to run away or “bug out” from the problem. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Vehicle to Bug ...

I don’t know about you, but I am not a super wealthy man.  I can’t go to the local auto dealership and drop $300,000 dollars on a specialty-ordered Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV).  We generally look at basic sport utility vehicles and trucks that we can purchase, and still get decent performance. Since the average person isn’t […]

23 Amazing but Affordable Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs)

Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Slow Down and Recharge Holidays are here, time to slow it down a bit.  Take time to enjoy our blessings Survivalists always talk about the problems in this nation, So many times we forget just how good we have it We should take time to talk about how great […]

The Truth about Thanksgiving 2016 – The Prepper Podcast

Shotgun Cartridge Components Explained Shotgun cartridges have similar components to that of a rifle cartridge.  The components of a shotgun cartridge are: The Projectile The Case The Wad Propellant The Head The Rim The Primer Primer                                       […]

128: Shotgun Cartridges and Shells – The Prepper Podcast

There are many other preparedness items that you should look at before changing your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), but if you are going to anyways, let’s discuss the different types of vehicles that are great Bug-Out capable machines.  There are always options, such as Four-Wheel Drive, that makes a vehicle better, but I am leaving the […]

6 Major Types of Bug Out Vehicles and Their Advantages

Veteran’s day used to be Armistice Day. WW1 was supposed to be the the war to end wars, which was obviously a lie. At the end of WW1, we agreed on a treaty.  But instead of making it official that day, it was decided to wait over 12 hours. A decision was made by a […]

127: Veteran’s Day 2016 – The Prepper Podcast

If you treat your vehicle right, then it will last a long time.  Not only do you need to perform maintenance, but you need to drive it well.  Take it Easy, Leadfoot! To keep a long life, just do the following for your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) Start Easy Drive Easy Listen Up Easy Startup is […]

3 Driving Techniques to Extent Your Bug Out Vehicle’s Life

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Because I have learned things the hard way, I pay more attention to my vehicles now.  Don’t make the mistakes that I made.  Smart preppers learn from their mistakes, but WISE preppers learn from others’ mistakes. To keep your vehicle in top notch condition, follow the list of basic preventive maintenance. Check Fluids Change Intake […]

8 Super Reliable Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Maintenance Tips