How prepared are you really??? If you aren’t prepared, you have a problem. Your problem is natural disasters such as: Hurricanes Earthquakes Tsunamis Volcanic eruptions Tornadoes A Fire in your Home Losing a Job And it is possible that you could see: Economic Collapse Illness Pandemics Nuclear Accidents You can prepare yourself… I was unprepared […]

How to Take Control of Your Preparedness and Your Life

About Gary Collins: Gary spent 20 years in Military Intelligence and as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Dept, U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services and the FDA. After leaving the US Gov., He decided to pursue his passions and started a company promoting the primal, paleo and self reliant lifestyle. He’s an […]

131: Off Grid with Gary Collins – The Prepper Podcast

how to find preppers
Why you should meet people to help your preparedness The big reason that you join a community in the very beginning is because you will have terrific ideas, but they will be untimely and out of order. Using people as a sound-board for your ideas, you can invite knowledge and wisdom into your decisions from […]

How to Find Preppers in Your Area and Why You ...

preparedness for disaster
I’m going to start off with a simple answer: because anything can happen! You need to prepare because there are obviously common items that screw life up for people. Natural Disasters are a problem because you can’t truly predict them. Other problems arise because some people suck. Natural Disasters: Mother nature shows no mercy, so […]

5 Huge Reasons You Should Prepare

back up power
When you first begin prepping, you don’t need to worry a lot about backup power… but this isn’t what you want to hear. So, since you are going to go out and do it anyways, I need to reign you back in with an awesome idea. My Great Idea is Backup Power! Not just any […]

Your First Backup Power Purchase

There are times in small unit warfare that infiltration tactics are needed.  Infiltration is used when you want to execute movement undetected you want to move into and through enemy territory you want to occupy an area you want to position your group into the enemy’s rear area to give an attack advantage. Infiltration forces […]

Tactical Maneuver: Infiltration Tactics – The Prepper Podcast

cold weather survival
It is extremely important to be ready to the issues life will throw at us in the many different situations we will find ourselves in. Situations like: Bug out scenarios Being stuck at home due to viral outbreaks Hurt on your homestead Hurt in action defending your home Hiking in the wilderness or desert Or […]

Cold Weather First Aid and Survival

I’m not giving a lot of details and descriptions today.  Just a list of most of my daily carry. Your EDC Must Be Carryable If you don’t want to carry a backpack where you go every day, then don’t.  You will scale down what you carry every day. My Extensive Every Day Carry (EDC) Backpack […]

Extensive Gear List for an Everyday Carry Backpack

getting found when lost
There are 2 major ways people can find you: They can see you They can hear you I guess they could smell you as well, but you have to really stink! So how can you help others see you better? Here are a few ways to be seen better. Getting Found when You are Lost […]

Getting Found when You are Lost

One of the most important steps is preparedness is the cheapest… LISTS!!! When you go through your different lists, you need to keep your basic needs in mind. These are: Water Food Fire and Energy Shelter Health and Sanitation Security Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers from Ken Jensen Lists You Need to Make First: […]

Easy Steps for Brand New Preppers