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If you would like to be a Guest Blogger, I have made it easy to submit one!

This doesn’t mean that it is a piece of cake to get it placed on the blog.  I will fight tooth-and-nail to keep only the best content in front of the readers of this blog.


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You only have to know a couple things before posting!

By submitting you agree to the following:

I will scour the dark alleys of the internet to make sure your content is original, so no duplicate or spam content is allowed..

Absolutely no links in the body of the post.  If there are links in the body, they will be removed.  I have a “links” section to add the link addresses.  If you have any special requests about links, just place the request in the correct field.

I do NOT guarantee that your post will make it on the blog, and if it does, I do NOT guarantee when it will show up.  I may be busy or your post just may not be good.  You submit, and I choose.

You MUST be providing relevant military survival, wilderness survival, or modern-day survival content.


what are you waiting for

Well, Get on my Blog already!

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