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building fire
Fire building is extremely important if you are going to hike, camp, or any other wilderness activity. If you get stuck somewhere, having a fire is a huge concern for your safety, morale, and health! For this reason, you need to know the basic steps for campfire building. Success in a good fire is 80% […]

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Fire Outside or in ...

bug out bag
I may not agree with it, but many people want to stuff as much gear as possible in their bug-out bags.  It it you?  Do you want a bag the size of a small purse that can hold an AR-15, 30 gallons of water, and a buick? Whether you want a small bag to bet […]

Finding a Bug Out Bag that is Perfect in Size ...

cross rivers
“A river seems a magic thing. A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.” ― Laura Gilpin Rivers and Streams come in all different shapes and sizes, speeds, and depths.  There are always unknowns, so be sure to have a plan how you will cross, as well as following proper procedures for crossing. […]

Crossing Rivers and Streams

orienteering 2
When in an orienteering course, you are generally both in a race and honing your skills at reading maps.  This is a way to get exercise as well as get some skill in wilderness survival.  This can be an extremely fun way to gain experience in a VITAL skill in bug-out scenarios.  As a matter […]

Basic Orienteering Course: Topographic Map and Compass

Video: Simple DIY Alcohol Beer or Soda Can Stove (No Penny)
Have you ever wanted to have a small portable camp stove?  I have been watching videos and reading blogs to see how a lot of people are making alcohol based camp stoves. I already know where to buy these things, but I am a hands-on person, so if I can find a simple and cheap […]

Video: Simple DIY Alcohol Beer or Soda Can Stove (No ...

What is a Topographic Map, Definition, Contour Lines, Free Topo Maps
I answer the question, “What is a topographic map?” by giving you the definition, explaining contour lines, and I show you how to get FREE topo maps for GPS and printing First thing I want to point out is what a topographic map is.  A topographic map, otherwise known as topo map, is a map […]

What is a Topographic Map, Definition, Contour Lines, Free Topo ...