Firecraft & Fire Building

Video: Simple DIY Alcohol Beer or Soda Can Stove (No Penny)
Have you ever wanted to have a small portable camp stove?  I have been watching videos and reading blogs to see how a lot of people are making alcohol based camp stoves. I already know where to buy these things, but I am a hands-on person, so if I can find a simple and cheap […]

Video: Simple DIY Alcohol Beer or Soda Can Stove (No ...

[sociallinkz] Now, we discuss the methods of striking a fire. If I am going to discuss fire building techniques, I needed to discuss the direct fire making tools that everyone should have.  When you are out in the elements and are wet, cold, or the combination, then building a more primitive fire can be a […]

Fire Building Techniques #2 (How to Start a Fire)

[sociallinkz] When in the wilderness, usually the first things people think about are food and water.  These are very important concerns.  I would say that another concern of almost as much importance is making fires in wilderness.  Fires provide warmth, safety, and morale boosting.  On many occasions, a good, well placed fire will be the […]

Fire Building Techniques #1 (How to Build the Firepit)