altoids tin kit
Altoids Tins are great for pocket EDC survival kits that you can keep small basic items in. If you purchase a survival tin, it will cost you about 4 or 5 bucks, but Altoids come in the same tin for about $1.50 per container… AND YOU GET THE MINTS AS WELL!!! Perfect EDC: Altoids Tin […]

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building fire
Fire building is extremely important if you are going to hike, camp, or any other wilderness activity. If you get stuck somewhere, having a fire is a huge concern for your safety, morale, and health! For this reason, you need to know the basic steps for campfire building. Success in a good fire is 80% […]

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cold weather survival
It is extremely important to be ready to the issues life will throw at us in the many different situations we will find ourselves in. Situations like: Bug out scenarios Being stuck at home due to viral outbreaks Hurt on your homestead Hurt in action defending your home Hiking in the wilderness or desert Or […]

Cold Weather First Aid and Survival

bug out location
Boundary disputes are extremely common in the court system.  It usually happens in rural areas, which is typically where you would have a BOL (Bug Out Location). Your Fence line  is NOT Your Boundary. Learn It or Be Sued. Many people assume that their boundaries are where their fences lie.  If you think this is […]

Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Boundary Disputes on Your ...

Choosing an Amazing Bug-Out Location (BOL) 9 Cheap and Effective BUG OUT LOCATIONS (BOLs) The best bug out locations cost very little, they will get you through most disasters. Most are not what you would expect to be a good bug out destination. Possible Bug-Out Locations (BOLs): A Hotel Cheap Studio Apartment Your Family Your […]

110: 9 Effective BOL Options – The Prepper Podcast

Long Term Group Survival and Rebuilding after a Stink Hit the Fan (SHTF) Scenario Pay Attention to Three Things First to Ensure Early Group Success Although this is more about the long term, how are you going to get to “the long term?”  Individuals will see to their shelters early on, so you need to […]

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bug out bag
I may not agree with it, but many people want to stuff as much gear as possible in their bug-out bags.  It it you?  Do you want a bag the size of a small purse that can hold an AR-15, 30 gallons of water, and a buick? Whether you want a small bag to bet […]

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You can’t beat today’s podcast before Christmas. Amazing Preparedness Christmas Presents for that Prepper in your life! Christmas is fast approaching and you haven’t figured out what to get your prepper spouse.  Or you want to help your children become more prepared and realize this is the perfect opportunity to get them prepared. There is […]

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Follow These Amazing Principles to Beat the COLD The Cold can Chill or Kill, Fight It It is more difficult to find enough to eat or drink in cold environments.  It is also harder to build a proper shelter. Even with the basics at hand, you will need amazing will-power and good clothing.  Will-power has […]

You Can Survive the Cold with Four Simple Letters: C.O.L.D.

Australian Poncho Raft
You Can Build a Waterproof Raft to Keep Your Gear DRY!!! If you like the simple brush raft that I taught you about, you will probably enjoy making one more waterproof, with less debris. The Australian Poncho Raft is more waterproof than the Brush Raft and doesn’t require a gathering of brush.  It does require […]

An Awesome Waterproof Raft to Keep Gear Dry: Australian Poncho ...