Water Storage

Water is responsible for life on our planet, and that isn’t going to change. One of the best and first items to set up for your land is to have water available and some services.  This will provide you with amazing resources while you make your BOL into your dream property. You Want Abundant Water? […]

Achieve Abundant Water on Your Bug Out Location (BOL) with ...

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087: Natural Water Resources, Water Options and Storage for Emergency ...

Housekeeping: I have everyone, and have for some time, that I needed for the beta testing remember to give me an itunes review at theprepperpodcast/itunes Discussion: Urban survival skills are needed for the modern day prepper with little land.  If […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment

Can you drink rain water? Yes, you can use barrels, cisterns, and bottles for water storage and collection.  I discuss this and more on today’s episode (015) of The Prepper Podcast. I have a listener call today, and I go over some methods of storing.  Then I go into methods for collecting water.  Next, I […]

TPP015 You Can Drink Rain Water, Rainwater Cistern and Collection

I discuss collecting rainwater, whether it is illegal or legal in your area (I don’t care).  I also talk about reclaimed water in a graywater (or greywater, however you may spell it) system. Housekeeping: Social Media Links: type in theprepperpodcast.com/TheNameOfTheSocialMediaSite […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

015 Collecting Rainwater Illegal or Legal and Conserving Graywater

The Importance of Water Reservoir or Cistern & How to Store Water in it Indoor Cistern
[sociallinkz] Today, I will explain the importance of a water reservoir or cistern as your home’s main water supply, and how you can store water in one.  I will also discuss the basic design of one and how simple it can be made. I have one announcement and one call to action before I get started. […]

The Importance of Water Reservoir or Cistern & How to ...

Importance of & How to Store Water, Low Cost Survival Checklist P2: Emergency Water Storage On The Cheap Using Recycled 2 Liter Bottles 2
[sociallinkz] Yesterday, I discussed the importance of building a skillset and gave some early thoughts of the first couple things you need to do even before you start on the prepping checklist.  I also gave you a list to follow of some basic items to work on.  Two of those Items that are the most […]

Importance of & How to Store Water, Low Cost Survival ...

Collecting Rainwater, Use Rain Water, Gray Water Reclamation
Today I want to show a very simple diagram of a system designed for collecting rainwater, then to use the rain water for a sink.  There is no filter on this barrel, so you probably shouldn’t consume it… although in a survival scenario you probably could use it.  The main issue with this system is […]

Collecting Rainwater, Use Rain Water, Gray Water Reclamation

What Mead is Made From, How Do You Make Mead, Use in Survival
[sociallinkz] Ever wonder why you should be keeping bees? Back in the day (we’re talking medieval days) you never heard, “Give me ye olde beer.” or “ye olde wine.”  You heard, “Cometh hither, Winch.  Give me ye olde mead!”  If mead could be made in medieval times, it could also be made for survival.  That […]

What Mead is Made From, How Do You Make Mead, ...