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Your Bug Out Location (BOL) is supposed to help you when the Stink Hits the Fan (SHTF).  So, naturally, you need to choose one that isn’t going to place you more in harm’s way or reduce your ability to respond to emergencies. Your Location Determines Your Hazards It is important to consider what benefits and […]

These Dangers Compromise the Safety of Your Bug Out Location ...

Long Term Group Survival and Rebuilding after a Stink Hit the Fan (SHTF) Scenario Pay Attention to Three Things First to Ensure Early Group Success Although this is more about the long term, how are you going to get to “the long term?”  Individuals will see to their shelters early on, so you need to […]

109: Sara Hathaway Interview: All About Long Term Survival ...

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Quick and Dirty Tips for Medical Preparedness for the Elderly or Disabled Most people on maintenance or emergency medication only enough of it to last a month or, if they are lucky, two. If you are on any type of maintenance medication, you probably are aware what the implications are if you are forced to […]

Medical Preparedness for Senior Citizens

Housekeeping: If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at, this is where I am getting the outline of my discussions here! Don’t forget to give me a review at or and you could win a consulting call with me. I will either be heading to […]

089: Awesome Every Day Carry (EDC) Items and Tools – ...

  Original Podcast: START Triage, the System, Tags, Smart Mass Casualty Triage Method Housekeeping: Questions or Comments: (978) KNOWS-IT or (978) 566-9748 green bar on right side of the homepage that says record on it Itunes reviews: if you give me an itunes or stitcher review, you can be one of the lucky few that […]

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I have a new training that is out.  It is FREE! With “Creative First Aid Kit Components”, you can learn thing like: Creative Items You May Already Have to Use for Your First Aid Kit Items that the Experts Use in Their First Aid Kits because they Work Better Than What You Can Buy How […]

FREE TRAINING: Creative First Aid Kit Components

Family Emergency, Plan, Child CPR, Dr. Mom & Dr. Dad to the Rescue
Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad to the rescue! I give you ideas of common family emergency situations and the family emergency plan that you need to learn, including child CPR. We should all consider our families in survival.  Well, we do.  This is the main reason that we prepare and learn things.  This is the […]

Family Emergency, Plan, Child CPR, Dr. Mom & Dr. Dad ...

Dangerous Venomous Snake Bite Treatment, Snake Pastor Bitten, E Diamondback_Rattlesnake_8638
Allow me to explain the steps in dangerous or venomous snake bite treatment when in a survival situation and to give a few stories on the few deaths caused, like the snake pastor bitten. Let me first say that snake bites have only accounted for four deaths in the U.S. in the last four years.  […]

Dangerous Venomous Snake Bite Treatment, Snake Pastor Bitten

Today is Episode 16 of The Prepper Podcast.  I am actually interviewed on another podcaster that goes by the name of Jack Spirko.  Jack hosts his own blog and podcast as well.  It was fun talking to someone I have been listening for some time now. Although the purpose of this interview was Emergency Medical […]

TPP016 Citizen Corps Cert Training, Emergency Medical Triage