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Yes, You Can Have an Off-Grid Home Completely Independent from Central Utilities It is true that you can have a semi-off-grid option to most city/county utilities.   It is extremely important that you can provide yourself with the basic survival needs independently. This is an obvious truth to mature survivalists.  We typically know a lot on […]

Why REAL Preppers DO Want Utility Service Connections on Their ...

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087: Natural Water Resources, Water Options and Storage for Emergency ...

Housekeeping: I have everyone, and have for some time, that I needed for the beta testing remember to give me an itunes review at theprepperpodcast/itunes Discussion: Urban survival skills are needed for the modern day prepper with little land.  If […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment

I answer listener feedback and will be discussing Advanced Survival Prepping Research, Mt. Gox Bitcoin News, and Essential Urban Survival Skills. Email From Alicia about Advanced Survival Prepping Research: Wants to better direct her attention to finding valuable information. Rule […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

022 Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

How to Grow Celery Indoors on Window Sill in Water & Planter 1
  [sociallinkz] Here is an addition to the apartment prepping that I have done.  I want to show you how I am growing celery indoors, on my window sill in a planter.  I have grown celery in water before and it grows just fine.  This time I have placed a lot of celery in this […]

How to Grow Celery Indoors on Window Sill in Water ...

Advanced Tactics: Situational Awareness & Home Self Defense
Share: [sociallinkz] I like when experts make small easy to swallow lists to assist everyone in their advanced tactics training.  Tactics are not just offensive, but definitely play a HUGE role in the defensive side of confrontation.  When they make lists like this and give good examples, it makes my head swim with ideas on […]

Advanced Tactics: Situational Awareness & Home Self Defense

Friday, I wrote a post on hotel survival and my interview with the general manager at a hotel that I was staying at, The Best Western.  I wrote mostly about the typical Stuff Hits the Fan scenario and how hotels have dealt with it.  My Survival Research of Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists results were […]

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists P2