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It is extremely important to be ready to the issues life will throw at us in the many different situations we will find ourselves in. Situations like: Bug out scenarios Being stuck at home due to viral outbreaks Hurt on your homestead Hurt in action defending your home Hiking in the wilderness or desert Or […]

Cold Weather First Aid and Survival

Relying on Your Bushcraft Skills Instead of Breakable Gear Interview with Brian Adey, Author of the book, The Adventure of a Lifetime Background: Brian an author, high school teacher, and outdoors man.  He has been active in the outdoors from childhood, but has been actively honing his bushcraft/survival skills for the past two years.  He […]

114: Brian Adey Interview on Bushcraft – The Prepper Podcast

Choosing an Amazing Bug-Out Location (BOL) 9 Cheap and Effective BUG OUT LOCATIONS (BOLs) The best bug out locations cost very little, they will get you through most disasters. Most are not what you would expect to be a good bug out destination. Possible Bug-Out Locations (BOLs): A Hotel Cheap Studio Apartment Your Family Your […]

110: 9 Effective BOL Options – The Prepper Podcast

Should You Bug In, or Bug Out? You have learned from the best… You have a well-stocked bug out bag.  You have a keen eye and can pay attention to everything in your surroundings. You listen to all the local radio streams and know everything that is going on around you. You can get out […]

103: Easily Determine if You Should Bug Out in a ...

sun oven
  Clever Survivalist Sun Oven Essentials Seminar Tuesday July 21st 7 p.m. CST, (8 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. MST / 5 p.m. PST) REGISTER NOW!   I am hosting a Seminar with Paul Munsen of SunOvens International. The Sun Oven Essentials Seminar is devoted to share you fundamental Sun Cooking techniques to help you warm […]

The Clever Survivalist Sun Oven Essentials Seminar

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When in an orienteering course, you are generally both in a race and honing your skills at reading maps.  This is a way to get exercise as well as get some skill in wilderness survival.  This can be an extremely fun way to gain experience in a VITAL skill in bug-out scenarios.  As a matter […]

Basic Orienteering Course: Topographic Map and Compass

I answer listener feedback and will be discussing Advanced Survival Prepping Research, Mt. Gox Bitcoin News, and Essential Urban Survival Skills. Email From Alicia about Advanced Survival Prepping Research: Wants to better direct her attention to finding valuable information. Rule […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

022 Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

Best Foods to Eat are Wild Edibles (55 Edible Weeds and Plants!)
I want you to know the best foods to eat in the wilderness by telling you to eat wild edibles that grow in your own area. I am talking about edible weeds and plants that are just as delicious as they are healthy. Let’s go through some safety tips for eating wild edibles: Mushrooms are […]

Best Foods to Eat are Wild Edibles (55 Edible Weeds ...

Today may seem like a really short post, but it is NOT.  Let’s discuss Cold Weather Injuries and their first aid.  I talk about Hypothermia, Frostbite, Frostnip, Trenchfoot, Immersion Foot, Chilblains, and the first aid for them. ¨Extreme cold weather is a dangerous situation that can bring on health emergencies in susceptible people, such as […]

Cold Weather Injuries, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Frostnip, Trenchfoot, Immersion Foot, Chilblains ...