bug out vehicle
Your vehicle is not perfect.  It may be perfect for something, but not for EVERYTHING.  If you have an imperfect vehicle for bugging out, that doesn’t mean it won’t work.  It just means that you have to pay attention to what it can and CAN’T do. The other day I saw a guy in a […]

How to Use Your Vehicle as an Amazing Bug Out ...

bug out vehicle
Find an affordable, reliable vehicle that can get you where you need!!!! Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs) are great tools.  You can carry more, go further, and travel faster than you ever could on foot.  For people that choose to Bug Out at the right time, Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs) will place you even further ahead […]

9 Features that Every Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Should Have

No vehicle is perfect for everything. This doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough. Your vehicle can be good enough, but you need to consider: Your Vehicles Capabilities Where you are, where you are going, and everything between Vehicle Capabilities to consider Terrain during transit Terrain at your Bug-Out Location (BOL). Storage Room How far you […]

121: Making the Most of What You Have in a ...

Bug Out Location
In a critical situation, your neighbors will become your lifeline, whether you want to admit it or not.  You will rely on them for something.  When choosing a bug out location (BOL), don’t forget the people surrounding it! Make sound decisions about your neighbors and your neighborhood, so you can avoid the problems associated with […]

You Have to Live with your Bug Out Location… and ...

You Will Fall in Love with your Home, if You Consider Your passions Your hobbies, passions, and enjoyment in a location will add to your love of your property.  This is true even if that hobby isn’t done on your land. Doing what you LOVE makes you happier. If you enjoy outdoor sports and great […]

How to Find Your Dream Bug Out Location (BOL) for ...

A long growing season seems like the perfect reason to choose a bug out location in certain regions.  It starts warming early in Texas, and gets cold later, so this is perfect isn’t it?  Let’s buy Texas land! Not necessarily.  Did you know that the Texas heat can destroy crops in the summer? Just because […]

Choosing a Bug Out Location (BOL) Based on Climate Zones

bug out location
Both items are convenience based: convenient to resources and convenient to your current location. Resources are extremely important when bugging out, so be tactical in your choices.  You also have to have a convenient location, so you will be more willing to visit often and work it into something liveable. Location Determines Convenience! You may be […]

These Two Simple Items are Critical When Choosing a Bug ...

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Your Bug Out Location (BOL) is supposed to help you when the Stink Hits the Fan (SHTF).  So, naturally, you need to choose one that isn’t going to place you more in harm’s way or reduce your ability to respond to emergencies. Your Location Determines Your Hazards It is important to consider what benefits and […]

These Dangers Compromise the Safety of Your Bug Out Location ...