Alien Gear Holster Review

Alien Gear has been making a name for itself.  I had heard that everyone wanted one because it was so amazing.

Although I know that they are not the only brand making the specific style of holster that they specialize in, I do know that their molding is among the best and everything is hand made.

Why I Purchased the Alien Gear Holster, How Much It Costs

I purchased the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster due to the fact that I was always wearing my wife’s sidearm instead of my own.  If she decided that she didn’t want to carry that day, I would leave mine at home, and carry hers because she had an original alien gear holster.

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters’ Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB

I thought that I should try this thing out and do a review on it, so we purchased the newest holster they were offering.

For $45.00, I think I got a pretty good deal.

The Alien Gear Holster is Extremely Comfortable

We both have full-sized firearms, so comfort is necessary.  My holster was even more comfortable than my wife’s.  I can wear this holster all day long with very little discomfort from it.  It will cause me to sweat more if I don’t have an under-shirt tucked inside, however.

From what I can tell, Alien Gear made some major improvements in the comfort of this holster.  You can tilt from about 0 degrees to about 35 degrees, and you can also adjust the height at which your firearm rides.  These features are a must for comfort.

Quick-Drawing from the Alien Gear Holster

I practice my quick draw from this holster all the time.  I have successful draws nearly every time.  Once I chipped a thumbnail on the inner padding, which could have been painful, but I was lucky.

If you want a more secure hold on your firearm, the holster profile can be tightened, but I prefer the faster draw of the loosened retention.

The Alien Gear Holster is Pretty Concealable

Once again, I have to explain that my sidearm is a full-sized gun, so concealing it could be challenging.  With the Alien Gear Holster, I have almost no problems concealing it comfortably.  It has a fairly low profile.

I cant my sidearm between 15 and 25 degrees for better concealment.  I have been able to wear many many tight-fitting dark and pattern shirts with very little show of the firearm!

This is NOT a Grab-N-Go Holster

The only drawback I have found from the IWB holster from Alien Gear is that it takes a while to get it in the waste band and over my belt securely.  If I am going somewhere for just a couple minutes, I may find myself not wanting to hassle with putting it on.

I do often wear this holster at home, all day long, because it is comfortable.  Then the convenience isn’t that big of a deal.


Manufacturing Quality of the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0

The plastic shell is extremely thick and durable.  They also give a lifetime shell swap warranty.  This doesn’t just cover a broken shell, but if you switch firearms and want a new shell for the next one, you can swap shells for free as well!

I wondered if the plastic belt clips would hold up, but they have done well so far.

The back padding is extremely well build and hand made.  It is extremely stiff, but can conform pretty well.

Overall Rating of the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

I would give this 4.5, if not 5, out of 5 stars.  If I was to deduct points, it would be simply due to how difficult it can be to put on.  This isn’t a big deal to me, since I am usually not in a rush to hurry and get my holster on.

This is a well built, well designed holster that conceals my full-sized firearm extremely comfortably.

For 45 dollars, I would call this a bargain holster.  You get more than what you pay for.

alien gear holster

Remora Holster Review

If you are unaware of Remora Holsters or the Sticky Holster Brand, you would be surprised at what they would do.  I have seen videos of people jumping, running, and cartwheeling with these holsters staying in place.

The Remora holster is designed to stick to your skin and waste band without a belt clip.

Why I Purchased a Remora Holster, How Much It Costs

ramora holster

Earlier Last Year I was in the market for a new holster to try.  Someone explained just how much they enjoyed their new Remora holster.  I purchased one and tried it myself.

The one that I purchased was the reinforced top one so I would get a stiffer holster design.  It also has the In the Waste-band Tuckable Option.  I got the tuck option because I didn’t really trust it to stay in place.

With my holster, I got an extra magazine pouch that was designed the same way.

All of this was about 30-40 dollars.

The Remora Holster was a Little Uncomfortable for Me

Honestly, I didn’t think it was extremely comfortable.  I could wear my full-sized firearm for about 3 hours, and then I had to put it up.

For the first hour, it was comfortable and then tolerable for the next two.  After that, I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I think part of it was the fact that I ordered the “extra stiff” holster.

The magazine pouch was more annoying on my hip than the holster.  I opted out of ever carrying that pouch.

The Remora Holster Stayed in Place

Yes it did.  It needed no belt clip.  I didn’t even need a belt to keep it in place, unless I was concerned about my pants sagging under the weight of the firearm.

I did many activities over the year and never had this thing slip.  As far as the non-stick rubber keeping the gun in place, they have top marks in my book.

Quick-Drawing from the Remora Holster is Easy

I used this thing in training a few times, and quick draw was fairly easy.  It held my gun out just far enough for me to easily grab it.  I never thumb-nailed my side with this holster.

The Remora Holster is a Little Lacking in Concealment

If you wanted to tuck a shirt in, sure it would work.  If you wore baggy clothing, sure it would work.  But it also was harder to conceal than some other holsters that I have.  Remember that I carry a full-sized sidearm.

It was too bulky.  It was fairly visible if I didn’t place it just right.  I had to add quite a bit of angle to the holster.  I had to cant the angle at least 35 degrees to make it less conspicuous and more comfortable.

My Remora was Convenient for a Grab-n-Go Holster

It can easily sit in my drawer, and when I am ready, I can grab the holster and slide it right under the waste band with little fuss.  My favorite holster takes a while to put on, but not the Remora.

Manufacturing Quality of the Remora

I could tell that this was a well-constructed holster that will not fall apart very soon.  Even after all the time I spent using it, it barely showed any signs of wear at all.

Overall Rating of the Remora Full Sized Holster

I would give it a 3 of 5 stars.  Overall it is convenient, easy to draw from, and stayed in place without any belt clips, and was extremely durable.

After just a few hours, it became uncomfortable.  It also lacked concealment.  I had to cant my weapon almost 35 degrees to add comfort and concealment.

remora holster review



This ONE Group of People Will Destroy Progress on Your Bug Out Location (BOL)

Did you know that there is a group of people out there that can single-handedly ruin any potential your Bug Out Location (BOL) could have?

This group destroys resiliency and property rights, all in the name of “property values.”  It consists of neighbors that look over privacy fences and invade your privacy, just to catch you in the act of doing some project they don’t like.

Figured out who this group is yet?… The Home Owners Association (HOA)!!!

Home Owners Associations are Just another Form of Government

We have National Government, State Government, County Government, City Government, and even more Government Regulations based on whatever it is you are doing today.  I have a great idea…

Let’s add more government!

Don’t ever add more government over you if you can help it.  An HOA (Home Owners Association) is just one more layer of government that you don’t need.  STAY AWAY FROM THEM!


You can’t hide in rural communities from them anymore… THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Governments Can’t Always Enforce Their Tyrannical and Ridiculous Laws, but HOAs Can!

Most Home Owners Associations are a group of neighbors that are willing to invade your right to privacy so they can catch you doing things that hurt no one because they don’t like it.

Police show discretion, and don’t enforce many old laws because they aren’t relevant and are a waste of time.  Good think we have silver-haired ladies with nothing better to do that are willing to sit at the window with binoculars and watch the evil neighbors with a contained burn barrel, water collection system, or small chicken tractor.

Now we can all rest easy.

Do Not Purchase a Property in a Home Owners Association

home owners association

If you find a beautiful property in a great location, be careful that it isn’t in an area covered under a Home Owners Association.  If it is, some properties have the ability to OPT out of the HOA.  If so, make sure that you do this.

Go a step further and stay away from places that have any behavioral contracts or addendum added to the purchase agreement of your property.

It is hard enough to get ahead on your Bug Out Location without dealing with nosy people that want to be in your business at all times.


Top Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Radiation Exposure

You Live Closer Than You Think to a Nuclear Reactor

If you live in a rural area, especially in the mid-eastern United States, I Promise that you are closer than you think to a Nuclear Reactor.

These babies produce clean and consistent power… until something goes wrong.  So I recommend you check the map to see where you live in reference to a reactor.

You need to have an idea of prevailing winds and what will drift your way.  Radioactive plumes don’t just sit still.  They are moved by the prevailing winds.

Even Better still, many of the reactors were intelligently built on fault lines.  You probably shouldn’t live in the “death circle,” but if you do, you need to know how to reduce your exposure if an accident occurs.

#1. Get Out Of Dodge, Bug Out, Leave

If the leak is small enough and you have enough warning, you can just leave.

Have a Bug Out Location (BOL) that you can go to in every direction from home.  Also, have 3 routes to get to every BOL.

Have 3 rest points (rally points) on every route in which you can meet up with your caravan if you get separated.

BOLs don’t have to be a 15 acre farm.  Hotels, Family Residences, and Close Friends that you have a mutual agreement with are all special circumstance Bug Out Locations.

#2. Purchase Potassium Iodine Tablets Now

Radioactive Iodine (RadioIodine, or Iodine 131) is a product of radioactive decay.

Your Thyroid gland has no idea if iodine is radioactive or not, and it LOVES IT.  It will absorb a bunch of it.  This is why it is so susceptible to radiation exposure.  It is one of the MOST sensitive to radiation for this reason.

Potassium Iodide is a stable version of Iodine that you can take.

Your Thyroid will fill up on the good stuff.  Then, it can’t absorb the bad stuff because it is full.

This could be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

#3. Gas Masks, HEPA Filters, and… Shop Vacs?

Gas Mask:

Obviously, getting a good gas mask will help you by filtering out radioactive particulates that are full of nasty alpha particles (not bad out of the body, but especially nasty inside).  For this reason, I am not going to spend much time on it.

HEPA Filters:

HEPA filters have low micron pores.  These are typically good enough to clean the air of radioactive isotopes and Viruses/Bacteria.

Shop Vacs:

Shop Vacs can be used to force HEPA cleaned air into the house, creating a positive air pressure in your home, so the nasties have a hard time entering the home though any cracks and openings.

You need to seal off as many openings as possible to make this much more effective.

This is a good way to create a “clean room” as well.

Understand ONE THING! The HEPA filters in your shop vac will now be contaminated, along with the dust in it, and the shop vac itself.  It will be difficult for you to safely change out these filters.  Shop vacs will also become a radiation “hot spot” that you want to stay away from.

You are better off just replacing the entire vacuum quickly… or fabricate an external HEPA filter holder you can trash and rebuild.

Don’t Get Caught in the Fallout

Radiation and Contamination isn’t a joke.  Don’t stick around to deal with the deadly consequences.

You first need to leave.  If you can’t leave the area, then you can take iodine and attempt to purify your air to keep that stuff out of your lungs.

Gun Statistics are LIES with Numbers Attached

Don’t let the LIES of statistics destroy your freedoms!

Gun-grabbers tell you that  a bunch of people die of gun related incidents in all the states WITHOUT strict gun laws.

The pro-gun world will tell you that more crime is committed in states WITH strict gun laws.

These people can’t even agree on what the FACTS are!!!

Most people that are spouting statistics are looking at one-off articles online from some agenda driven salesperson, not actual research.

Well… What are the real statistics?

You are asking the wrong question here.  The correct question is, “How do I find my own statistics?”

I quickly researched a few items about the gun law vs. gun violence debate.  I even found MYSELF wanting to give biased information, but I stopped myself.

Some of the websites that I found valuable in my research are:

Statistics can give the wrong outcome, You must create your own.

For this quick research, I have used two websites: and

The Brady Campaign was NOT a recommended site, so why did I  look into this site?  I simply saw a few websites in my searches that were anti-gun rhetoric using the statistics from this anti-gun research site.

Let’s crunch some numbers, and get the truth.

Look at the map from the Brady campaign.  It shows that gun deaths are low in states with strict laws (A and B), and high in states without strict laws (D and F)

The lowest gun death rates are in California, Iowa, New York, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland.  Most of these states are Liberal Leaning as well, if you notice.

gun statistics

Time to “test” the validity of the facts!

I looked up the number of total number of murders in the United States on Statista.

It was interesting to see what the top states were:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Michigan
  5. Pennsylvania

I drew a line from each state on statista to the corresponding state on the Brady campaign.  What I saw just solidifies what I am saying:

  1. California: Law Rating of A-
  2. Texas: Law Rating of F
  3. New York: Law Rating of A-
  4. Michigan: Law Rating of C
  5. Pennsylvania: Law Rating of C

If you look at the top 5, all but one state is liberal with strict gun laws.  I think a C rating can easily be seen as strict or not in their gun laws.

 gun laws

These Statistics Don’t Add Up!

Let’s dive in further, shall we???

I did the exact same research with the top 10 murder states in the U.S.

If you look at the top 10, 5 of the 10 have below a C rating, but it is the bottom half of the list.  What this can show is that the laws are loosely tied to the amount of murders overall.

The stricter the laws, the worse the overall Murder number.


You just used a liberal site to show laws are bad! I guess that settles it.

Now, hold on there pilgrim, we aren’t quite done.

Now from what I showed, you would think that laws are bad for deaths.  But look at the map from the by itself and it looks quite the opposite.  They also got statistical / numerical information to make this chart.

So why the difference in outcomes?

The difference is a matter of statistical opinion.

In the map, they choose just gun DEATHS, without counting the scenario, how many hospitals are close to residents, or even who dies (the victim or assailant).

In many of these areas that they call “bad” where the laws are loose, there are more rural areas away from hospitals.  There are also many people with firearms to protect their homes, and themselves.

Anyone trying to break into an innocent person’s home can now become a statistical death for the map.

In the information that I used here, we are looking at overall murders.  We are talking no-crap, one guy killed another guy, scenarios.  These aren’t all gun related.

But in the map, we are looking at gun related deaths by statistic, whether in defense, offense, accident, or other off-the-wall scenario.

Don’t trust the statistics, they lie.

Not only did the map use a general firearm death statistic, but it also used gun ownership statistics and other data from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Oh… The “Law Grading Scheme” was chosen BY THE CAMPAIGN based on what THEY THOUGHT was more and less important.

Don’t trust the Brady Campaign statistics.  Don’t trust my statistics.

It isn’t the statistics that are the problem.  It is the opinions, the commentary, and the “connections” that are made FOR you that you have to worry about.

Take the numbers, follow to the websites that are referenced for baseline data, and then come up with your own, unbiased facts.