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Alien Gear has been making a name for itself.  I had heard that everyone wanted one because it was so amazing. Although I know that they are not the only brand making the specific style of holster that they specialize in, I do know that their molding is among the best and everything is hand […]

Alien Gear Holster Review

Remora Holster
If you are unaware of Remora Holsters or the Sticky Holster Brand, you would be surprised at what they would do.  I have seen videos of people jumping, running, and cartwheeling with these holsters staying in place. The Remora holster is designed to stick to your skin and waste band without a belt clip. Why […]

Remora Holster Review

Home Owners Association
Did you know that there is a group of people out there that can single-handedly ruin any potential your Bug Out Location (BOL) could have? This group destroys resiliency and property rights, all in the name of “property values.”  It consists of neighbors that look over privacy fences and invade your privacy, just to catch […]

This ONE Group of People Will Destroy Progress on Your ...

nuclear reactor
You Live Closer Than You Think to a Nuclear Reactor If you live in a rural area, especially in the mid-eastern United States, I Promise that you are closer than you think to a Nuclear Reactor. These babies produce clean and consistent power… until something goes wrong.  So I recommend you check the map to […]

Top Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Radiation Exposure

gun statistics
Don’t let the LIES of statistics destroy your freedoms! Gun-grabbers tell you that  a bunch of people die of gun related incidents in all the states WITHOUT strict gun laws. The pro-gun world will tell you that more crime is committed in states WITH strict gun laws. These people can’t even agree on what the […]

Gun Statistics are LIES with Numbers Attached

Housekeeping: Join the awesome conversations about firearms, land, health and fitness and more at  You will be asked several questions designed to keep spammers out.  I just added Dr. Stephan Lewis and Janet Lewis of on the forum. I hope they are active! Don’t forget to give me a review at or […]

091: Life With Lessons Learned from 9/11, Turning a Tragedy ...

9 11 volunteers
This week marks the 14th anniversary of a day that will always live in the memories of the American People. On September 11th, 2001, while I remember being told that our security level has been raised. I remember people being asked to volunteer to help.   I did volunteer, as did about 90% of people, […]

September 11th 2001 (9-11)

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077: Home Security, Door Security and Strike Plate Locks – ...

Waze app
Waze Android App (available on iOS as well) Waze is a smartphone app that acts as a crowd sourced Navigation app with real time traffic and hazard information. Waze was originally started by an Israeli company but was sold to Google in 2014.  Original Waze was already awesome in function where it crowdsourced most of […]

Waze App