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Let’s get started… Ballistics, Cartridge, & Ammunition Components P1: Case The Components of a Cartridge Called a cartridge, not bullet. Cartridge is entire thing Bullet is the projectile Case is what is left over after it is shot. I don’t really care, and mess it up myself Learn the proper names, because it makes research easier. Again, […]

124: Ammo Components – The Prepper Podcast

Build up your arsenal with real fire power, cheaply and effectively: No Firearm is “one size fits all”. Every type of gun has a purpose. Different Purposes of having a Firearm: Home Defense Personal or Self Defense Hunting / Utilitarian Sport What I look for in a firearm: Reliable Reputable Manufacturer Something that will last […]

123: Firearm List for Beginners – The Prepper Podcast

Alien Gear has been making a name for itself.  I had heard that everyone wanted one because it was so amazing. Although I know that they are not the only brand making the specific style of holster that they specialize in, I do know that their molding is among the best and everything is hand […]

Alien Gear Holster Review

Remora Holster
If you are unaware of Remora Holsters or the Sticky Holster Brand, you would be surprised at what they would do.  I have seen videos of people jumping, running, and cartwheeling with these holsters staying in place. The Remora holster is designed to stick to your skin and waste band without a belt clip. Why […]

Remora Holster Review

gun statistics
Don’t let the LIES of statistics destroy your freedoms! Gun-grabbers tell you that  a bunch of people die of gun related incidents in all the states WITHOUT strict gun laws. The pro-gun world will tell you that more crime is committed in states WITH strict gun laws. These people can’t even agree on what the […]

Gun Statistics are LIES with Numbers Attached

loading magazine 1
Before I get started, You need to ALWAYS adhere to safe gun practices. I recommend reading my previous posts: Proper combat handgun grip  Proper Stance and Handgun Sight Picture  The Correct Way to “Pull the Trigger” of Your Handgun One of the biggest things that you could do to improve your accuracy is to pull […]

Proper Firearm Trigger Manipulation and Magazine Loading

dominant eye 4
Before I get started, You need to ALWAYS adhere to safe gun practices. Also, If you haven’t read my post on proper handgun grip, you can find it here.   How To Determine Your Dominant Shooting Eye You will depend on your dominant eye to point the gun in the correct manner at the target, […]

Dominant Eye, Proper Stance, and Sight Picture

dominant hand 1
Before I get started, You need to ALWAYS adhere to safe gun practices. (link to firearm safety post) How To Properly set a Combat Grip on Your Handgun for Control Set a Grip With Your Dominant Hand I will be teaching you the “two hand” method of gripping your handgun because it is more stable […]

How To Properly set a Combat Grip on Your Handgun ...

safety shooting
Safety Tips When Practicing Your Shooting Techniques I hope that you are never in the situation that you would ever need to use a handgun, but if you do, I would like for you to have a technique to practice on the proper way to hold your handgun. This is not about your stance being […]

Firearm Safety During Practice