This is the high density planting, usually edible plants, and also typically annuals

A long growing season seems like the perfect reason to choose a bug out location in certain regions.  It starts warming early in Texas, and gets cold later, so this is perfect isn’t it?  Let’s buy Texas land! Not necessarily.  Did you know that the Texas heat can destroy crops in the summer? Just because […]

Choosing a Bug Out Location (BOL) Based on Climate Zones

Housekeeping: I am in North Carolina right now, so you get a throwback episode. If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at Speaking of getting started, I think I will be doing a “back to basics” series soon. Don’t forget to give me a review at […]

079: Gardening for Beginners – The Prepper Podcast

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073: Timed Plant Watering System and Candle From Altoids Tin ...

Three Sisters Gardening and Planting Guide
The Three Sisters Garden   Every American knows that a stand of well-grown sweet corn is a delight to the eye, as well as to the ear when it rustles in the wind. The classic mix of squash, beans, and corn is tricky to achieve in such a manner that the squash gets sufficient light […]

Three Sisters Gardening and Planting Guide

seed starting
Recently I discussed starting seeds and what you could use for awesome containers.  Now I want to go a little further into the seeds themselves, when to start them, and how to care for them. How Do You Know When To Start Your Seeds? All plants have different triggers to start their germination and different […]

When to Start Your Seeds and Tips on Caring for ...

Why start your own seeds, and diy seed containers Starting your plants from seed is an important skill, and the best part is that it is extremely simple.  Let me give you a few reasons why you would want to start from seed even though nurseries will be booming with vegetation and plant life. Starting […]

Why Start Your Own Seeds, and DIY Seed Containers

Clearing Away “Weeds” Out of Your Garden in a No-Till Method   Soil Composition and Layer Benefits I have said it for quite some time that I am a “No-Till” gardner.  This doesn’t mean that I would never-ever absolutely-never till, but that I don’t do so for gardening. I believe that the soil is made […]