Large and Small Animals alike. This could be animals in urban or rural homesteads

Best Live Stock Animals: A Prepper's Guide to Self Sufficiency 1
[sociallinkz] Typically a large question in many prepper’s minds is about which is the best live stock animals to have on the prepstead, or homestead.  A Prepper’s guide to self sufficiency should always cover the animals as well. When you start a prepstead or homestead, you can always start small and build up, and that […]

Best Live Stock Animals: A Prepper’s Guide to Self Sufficiency

Bee Macro from The Honey and The Bee 2
  [sociallinkz] I have written and am now going to do a VERY BIASED review of my book. Name: The Honey and The Bee Author: Me! Ken (The Survival Guy) Editor: Me! Publisher: MEEEEEEEE! I have written this book so that most anyone should be able to pick it up and get enough basic knowledge […]

The Honey & The Bee – Keeping Honey Bees for ...

Growing of Plants Using Marine Aquaculture With Aquaponics 2
I was recently asked to write about hydroponics and aquaponics.  I know enough about aquaponics to create a system, but do not have one.  In the neverending list of projects, this one is a little lower on the list, but I definitely want to build one eventually. Basically, Hydroponics systems involve a grow bed with […]

Growing of Plants Using Marine Aquaculture With Aquaponics

  Share this post: [sociallinkz] Everyone, I am posting a portion of a new book I am writing.  Please give me feedback on what else you would like to learn. Honey Bees (scientifically called Apis Mallifera) are social creatures.  They have a typical social class setup.  We have the worker bees, Drones, and the Queen. […]

Facts About Bees, Bee Colonies, & How Do You Get ...

  [sociallinkz] One thing that a lot of organic farmers have really become akin to is keeping bees.  They use them as the key pollinators for their gardens or farms.  Many of them don’t even harvest anything from the bees.  They only want to harvest the bee pollination power.  But then many of them produce […]

Bee Facts: Why You Should Produce Honey From Bee Pollination

Share this post: [sociallinkz] It is critical that we understand how to grow our own groceries and learn how to store them for long term use as well.  What if things go south with the economy and everyone is hungry with starving children.  People will push themselves out of their comfort zone when life is […]

Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times