Changing Earth Podcast Episode 6 Questions Is Aquaponics a Viable system? Aquaponics is an extremely valid system. What is an aquaponics system? Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics and Aquaculture. Hydroponics is cultivating plant life in a bath of nutrient rich water solution, instead of soil, for large scale production in a smaller area. Aquaculture […]

132: Aquaponics Interview on Changing Earth Podcast – The Prepper ...

livestock ownership 2
Farmers commonly dispute over livestock ownership. Some disputes are legitimate.  Your livestock got out of its pen and looks just like your neighbors.  So, naturally, they place it back in THEIR pens. Other disputes are simply a result of theft and bad people.  You have something I want, so I am going to take it. […]

Ways to Win Every Dispute over Your Livestock Ownership

Housekeeping: I am in North Carolina right now, so you get a throwback episode. If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at Speaking of getting started, I think I will be doing a “back to basics” series soon. Don’t forget to give me a review at […]

079: Gardening for Beginners – The Prepper Podcast

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064: Awesome News, New Free Webinar and Tracking Animals

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063: Understanding The Basics of Animal Tracking

How To Build a Squirrel pole trap Everyone thinks that when the crap hits the fan, that they will go out into the wilderness and hunt.  They will never run out of mean or anything to kill. If you decided to hide in the wilderness, the deer population will go  pretty quick.  If you are […]

How To Build A Snare Trap: Squirrel Pole

Slaughtering Chickens
I am in the Asheville, NC Area at the time of this posting.  Make sure, if you are in the area as well, to email me.  I may be able to hang out one day, or even get a group of people together! There are many methods of slaughtering the chickens. Let me teach you […]

Slaughter of Chickens – Easy Methods To Slaughter Chickens