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Simple Strategies to Achieve Food Preparedness on a Social Security Income There are typically two groups of elderly or disabled individuals.  You invested everything correctly and have a lot of money now with very low expense, or you didn’t and have very little income. If you have a lot of money, stop reading.  But what […]

Senior Citizen’s Food Preparedness

Housekeeping If you don’t know where to start in prepping, check out my resource page at, this is where I am getting the outline of my discussions here! Don’t forget to give me a review at and you could win a consulting call with me. I am hosted a webinar with Paul Munsen […]

086: Fix Your Wallet, Your Health, and Your Prepping Through ...

[sociallinkz] I mentioned in my blog about storm survival the need for food.  I didn’t go in much detail because for the acute storm scenario, none is really needed, but it is very important that you know how important in a more extensive scenario knowing how to store food is.  Remember when I wrote about […]

How to Store Food Using the Copy Can Method and ...