Labor Day
Labor Day is next week. If you want to know the TRUTH, then keep reading. I want to answer the following questions: What is Labor Day? What is the history of Labor Day? When is Labor Day? or What is Labor Day’s date? What is the labor union’s involvement in the history of labor day? […]

Labor Day 2016

Bug Out Location
In a critical situation, your neighbors will become your lifeline, whether you want to admit it or not.  You will rely on them for something.  When choosing a bug out location (BOL), don’t forget the people surrounding it! Make sound decisions about your neighbors and your neighborhood, so you can avoid the problems associated with […]

You Have to Live with your Bug Out Location… and ...

Dehydrating and Vacuum Sealing Meats Question from Jimmy – from Alabama Listen: Download: Can You Dehydrate Meats??? YES!!! Doesn’t hydrate as well as veggies They are chewier Cooked Meats – Dehydrate 135F-160F (consult manual) Don’t go below 135F Vacuum sealed, dehydrated meats are known to last up to 2-3 weeks at room temp […]

116: Dehydrating and Vacuum Sealing Meat – The Prepper Podcast

Tactical Communication Systems, Prepping Related Statistical Research, and Three Ways To Evade or Reduce Radiation Exposure in a Nuclear Accident The Memorial Day Episode of The Prepper Podcast was Awesome! Feedback submitted by Paul Freeland – From Kansas Thank you for your Memorial Day Show.  It has reminded me just how extremely important our […]

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bug out location
Boundary disputes are extremely common in the court system.  It usually happens in rural areas, which is typically where you would have a BOL (Bug Out Location). Your Fence line  is NOT Your Boundary. Learn It or Be Sued. Many people assume that their boundaries are where their fences lie.  If you think this is […]

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Don’t overpay or regret your decisions. This may be simple, but many people do it wrong.  Don’t get too emotional when purchasing your property and well ahead of the time that you look at purchasing land, spend a bit of time assessing the area and the typical market value and assessment values, so you aren’t […]

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Choosing an Amazing Bug-Out Location (BOL) 9 Cheap and Effective BUG OUT LOCATIONS (BOLs) The best bug out locations cost very little, they will get you through most disasters. Most are not what you would expect to be a good bug out destination. Possible Bug-Out Locations (BOLs): A Hotel Cheap Studio Apartment Your Family Your […]

110: 9 Effective BOL Options – The Prepper Podcast