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Awesome Home Security Tips for Seniors and The Disabled Don’t Be Caught Unprepared, when Targeted by Looters As a senior citizen, many times you will be considered an “easy target” by looters and burglars.  Also, in an emergency, many times law enforcement and first responders may not be able to get to you. Don’t let […]

Home Security: Protect Seniors and Disabled from Burglars

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091: Life With Lessons Learned from 9/11, Turning a Tragedy ...

military ambush tactic
The military weapon is but one of the means that serve the purposes of war: one out of the assortment which grand strategy can employ. – Sir Basil H. Liddel-Hart (Strategy, 1954) Ambush Provides You with the Element of Surprise Take advantage of concealment and the element of surprise to attack unsuspecting enemy combatants.  All you […]

Amazing Property Defense Using the “Ambush” Military Tactic

patrolling tactic
Military Tactical Maneuvers: Patrolling This should be fairly short today, because this will sum up a few that I have done in the past.   The Patrolling Tactic and It’s Purpose Patrolling is a valuable military tactic used, where individuals or very small groups are deployed from the larger, main body, or formation, to perform […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Patrolling Tactic and It’s Purpose

Concealed Carry Permits and NRA involvement
I recently had to deal with the torture that we get put through with getting concealed carry licenses.  I will tell you why you should have a concealed carry license, why you shouldn’t have a concealed carry license, and what I went through to get mine. Why Should I get a Concealed Carry License? It is […]

Concealed Carry Licensing, NRA

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077: Home Security, Door Security and Strike Plate Locks – ...

center peel
Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel   What is the Center Peel Tactic? If you are at all aware of the overwatch position, or the leapfrogging tactic, you know all about using cover fire for your advancing members.  But what about retreat?  What if you find yourself in harms way against a larger group with more […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel Tactic

”You must prepare yourself. If you are not competent in a tactical and technical sense, you will not be fit to lead. You will be a danger to your Soldiers, exposing them needlessly, and destroying their confidence in themselves as well as in you.” BG S. L. A. Marshall From DA PAM 600-65, Leadership Statements […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch

Infiltration Tactics
“When you’re on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.” ~ Major Rogers standing orders for his Rangers in 1759.” Infiltration Tactics There are times in small unit warfare that infiltration tactics are needed.  This is one of the hardest tactics to switch […]

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Infiltration Tactics