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Professional History: Electronics, Nuclear Power, Electrical Engineering Starting in wilderness survival, eventually led me to integrating it with Urban Survival.

force concentration
This should only take 2 minutes to read, unless you are REALLLYYYY SSLLLOOOOOOWW!!! I HAVE to give you something awesome. Here it goes, don’t say I never gave you anything! Ok… In a nut shell, you are in a war. Your enemy is lined up… You want to overtake him. 2 Minute Tactics: Force Concentration […]

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Changing Earth Podcast Episode 6 Questions Is Aquaponics a Viable system? Aquaponics is an extremely valid system. What is an aquaponics system? Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics and Aquaculture. Hydroponics is cultivating plant life in a bath of nutrient rich water solution, instead of soil, for large scale production in a smaller area. Aquaculture […]

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altoids tin kit
Altoids Tins are great for pocket EDC survival kits that you can keep small basic items in. If you purchase a survival tin, it will cost you about 4 or 5 bucks, but Altoids come in the same tin for about $1.50 per container… AND YOU GET THE MINTS AS WELL!!! Perfect EDC: Altoids Tin […]

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When I pack my Bug Out Bag, when I store stuff at home, when I think about what to place in my Bug Out Location, I ALWAYS start with a needs template! I followed the same template when I created the goal lists in my Advanced Preparedness System as well. The steps to come up […]

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building fire
Fire building is extremely important if you are going to hike, camp, or any other wilderness activity. If you get stuck somewhere, having a fire is a huge concern for your safety, morale, and health! For this reason, you need to know the basic steps for campfire building. Success in a good fire is 80% […]

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How prepared are you really??? If you aren’t prepared, you have a problem. Your problem is natural disasters such as: Hurricanes Earthquakes Tsunamis Volcanic eruptions Tornadoes A Fire in your Home Losing a Job And it is possible that you could see: Economic Collapse Illness Pandemics Nuclear Accidents You can prepare yourself… I was unprepared […]

How to Take Control of Your Preparedness and Your Life

how to find preppers
Why you should meet people to help your preparedness The big reason that you join a community in the very beginning is because you will have terrific ideas, but they will be untimely and out of order. Using people as a sound-board for your ideas, you can invite knowledge and wisdom into your decisions from […]

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