2 Minute Tactics: Force Concentration

This should only take 2 minutes to read, unless you are REALLLYYYY SSLLLOOOOOOWW!!!
I HAVE to give you something awesome. Here it goes, don’t say I never gave you anything!


In a nut shell, you are in a war.
Your enemy is lined up… You want to overtake him.

What do you do?

Put a bunch of people on one side to outnumber his people.
This is call Force Concentration Sucka!!!
It does leave you open on the other side, but they aren’t set up to take advantage of this.

How is this useful?

What if you have to defend your neighborhood or homestead. Defense by offense is a valid strategy. It just depends on your situation.

If this wasn’t detailed enough for you, I have a blog post about it where it is extremely wordy with junk and stuff.

You wanna learn some crap, check it out!
force concentration

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