Determine the Basic Survival Needs of Any Situation with 5 Simple Steps

When I pack my Bug Out Bag, when I store stuff at home, when I think about what to place in my Bug Out Location, I ALWAYS start with a needs template!

I followed the same template when I created the goal lists in my Advanced Preparedness System as well.

The steps to come up with what you need in each scenario is the following:

  1. Start with your basic needs.
  2. Split the needs up for the situation.
  3. Figure out what is important to carry for each situation
  4. Do the same for each Family member
  5. Then make your list of items needed with budget in mind


I started with basic needs

Everyone has basic needs. These needs are met different ways, depending on the situation, but they MUST STILL BE MET. These needs are:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Energy
  5. Security
  6. Health/Sanitation

Next, I split these needs up

I manipulated the needs to make it easy to think about for each situation. For example, in my advanced preparedness system 72-Hour BOB Goal, the needs are:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Clothing
  4. Shelter/Bedding
  5. Fire/Light
  6. Security/Utility
  7. Medical
  8. Personal Items

Each of these is an extension of the basic needs of a person. My next goal of 72 hours at home, is very similar, except the fire/light is light/energy.

Then, I ask what is important

To make it 72 hours away from home, we need to cover our need in a pack. We will be carrying this pack, so I opt for lighter gear and foods.

I also opt for the acquisition of foods and water more than carrying all the water and food. I will have a small amount of backup food and water.

To make it 72 hours at home, the weight of stuff is not as important, and you already have your bag made up that could be used as well. At this point, we work on a few more extensive items for comfort and backup power.

The medical list at home is a little more extensive as well.

Next, I think about each family member I have

Each person has a specific need different than the other. The easiest way to look at it is females needing certain sanitation items that men don’t need.

Then I make my list

Once I have my needs known and I have my parameters set (lightweight, etc) then I can make a list.

When making your list you need to first use what you have, which will get you most of the way usually. Then you can look at what items you have that need to be upgraded with better, quality items.

This will give you reliability at a lower cost.

Here is a small sample of the 72-Hour away “Medical” section that I use to ensure I keep enough for each person in the family.

This is part of a spreadsheet that I use to budget everything so I can afford it and do so without placing myself in financial distress… which is also important.

You should have many of the basics down to ensure you can cover your needs in each situation now. Good Luck!

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