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back up power

When you first begin prepping, you don’t need to worry a lot about backup power… but this isn’t what you want to hear.

So, since you are going to go out and do it anyways, I need to reign you back in with an awesome idea.

My Great Idea is Backup Power!

Not just any backup power.  CHEAP backup power.  If you want electrical resiliency, then you shall have it.  Just don’t go blowing your entire prepping budget on it.

You probably have your own backup power and don’t even know it.  In a blackout, you can have lights back on quickly.

What do you own that is great for backup power?

It’s not a pack of AA batteries.  It isn’t that hand crank wonder-radio.  It isn’t a 10,000 Watt Generator.

It’s your car!!!!

car back up power

Portable Vehicle Car Jump Starter Backup Power Charger

What do you have to buy?

You need the following items to run basic lighting and loads in your home:

  • A Car (that you should own)
  • A Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • An Outdoor Extension Cord
  • And several 3-way outlet splitters

How do you set it up?

  1. Place the (-) negative terminal of the inverter on the negative terminal on your battery.
  2. Place the (+) positive terminal of the inverter on the positive terminal on your battery.
  3. Plug the extension cord into the inverter and run into the window of your home.
  4. Plug the splitter(s) into the extension cord.
  5. Turn on the inverter.
  6. Plug stuff into the splitters.

Note: It is best practice to idle your vehicle while drawing off of the battery so you don’t kill the battery.  Your vehicle will be acting as a generator if you do this.

What is an inverter?

I’ll spare the boring techy electrical stuff and give you what you need.  An inverter is an electronic do-hickey that takes battery (or vehicle) power and turns it into usable power similar to what is in your home.

Your battery will die if you add too much load, or you don’t start your vehicle.  For this reason, I recommend never going above an 800 Watt inverter, so it will keep you from overloading everything.

Recommended Purchases (all of these are on Amazon):

  1. 800W Inverter (Cobra or Whistler)
  2. Extension Cord That Can Reach in Your Home
  3. 3-Way Outlet T-Adapter



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