Extensive Gear List for an Everyday Carry Backpack


I’m not giving a lot of details and descriptions today.  Just a list of most of my daily carry.

Your EDC Must Be Carryable

If you don’t want to carry a backpack where you go every day, then don’t.  You will scale down what you carry every day.

My Extensive Every Day Carry (EDC) Backpack

Because I carry items on my person and in the backpack, some items I have (many that aren’t typical of people) are:

  1. change of clothing
  2. water bottle
  3. USB Thumb drive
  4. Excess Paracord
  5. Pepper Spray
  6. 2 flashlights
  7. A hard drive
  8. Multivitamins
  9. A full day’s worth of food (very intentional 2-3k calories)
  10. A small First Aid Kit
  11. A 2 Terabyte Hard Drive
  12. A notebook
  13. A clipboard
  14. a therapy band
  15. wristbands (weight lifting)
  16. A Bluetooth keyboard
  17. My Altoids Tin Kit
  18. My concealed carry
  19. a pocket knife
  20. a multitool
  21. wallet
  22. cell phone

I will not force you to carry a backpack on you, because you will stop doing it if it isn’t comfortable for you.


Don’t carry everything that I carry.  Some of my items are in my pockets… many in my backpack.  Carry what you feel would be the most useful to you every day.

EDC backpack

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