Getting Found when You are Lost

getting found when lost

There are 2 major ways people can find you:

  • They can see you
  • They can hear you

I guess they could smell you as well, but you have to really stink!

So how can you help others see you better?

Here are a few ways to be seen better.

First, know how to build a fire.

Fires are not only great for your safety, but they are also necessary to keep you warm and help others see you. People can see fires great at night, and they can see signal smoke during the day.

To create signal smoke, you put lots of greenery on your fire.

Next, always have a signal mirror.

Signal mirrors are valuable tools that take up very little space, and you can aim them extremely easily. you can flag both people and overhead rescue. Signal mirror flashes can be seen for miles, even in hazy weather.

Normally, you will aim the mirror through the hole in the center and keep the sun on the corner of the mirror, and adjust it to shine exactly where you can see on an object.

There are also other ways to aim makeshift reflectors.

Other items that can help you be seen:

Beacon lights can help you because flashing lights are always easier to see… duh.

Signal flares also help, so I wouldn’t waste these on firebuilding. There are better ways to build fires.

You can make a huge SOS sign in a clearing so people overhead can see it.

Audio signaling will take less explanation:

You may be cold, exhausted, and have trouble breathing. Yelling will only strain your voice and doesn’t really get that loud.

Things that help are:

  • Whistles: they are loud and high pitched, so people are more likely to hear them. You can also use them while you are not able to speak.
  • Bells: a good emergency bell will also make you a lot louder and take less energy than yelling.
  • If you must, you can shoot a firearm, but be certain that you aren’t wasting the ammo.

Hopefully this won’t be necessary, but I hope it will help you if you need it.

when lost

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