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We can all agree that there is a time and a place for a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) instead of hiking it out on foot.  Why not take advantage of the huge power and hauling advantage you have with a vehicle.  Carry everything you need for a distant trip by stocking your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) with the gear that will cover all of your needs.

Right Now I will write very generally about your vehicle’s and your needs.  In a couple weeks, I will go into specific items that you need in your Bug Out Vehicle.

Know Your Needs to Stock Your Vehicle Appropriately

Your need list in a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) is different than basic survival.  Not only will you need to cover all of your needs, you will have to cover your family’s needs also.

This isn’t all.  Your vehicle has needs and will be sure to have problems when travelling in an emergency.  You have to cover this as well.  The needs that should be met for you and your vehicle are:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Security
  • Energy/Light
  • Health/Sanitation
  • Fuel
  • Reliability
  • Utility

Don’t Let Your Family Dehydrate. Carry Water

The average person can live three days without water.  I would call this existing, not living.  The amount of pain as your body malfunctions would be too much to bear.

Starvation is Slow and Painful

If you don’t eat, you will have a slow and painful decent into nothing.  It could take you, on average, three weeks for starvation to defeat you, but your ability to think, work, and function goes away quickly.

Wind, Rain, Sun, Cold, and Sickness could do You In Quickly

I hate to mention that I knew a child that got separated from his family in the snow.  He was found just a couple miles from where they got separated.  The 2 year old found some heavy equipment and slept in the cab.  He made it for two days before passing of hypothermia.

Without proper shelter, anyone can have something like this happen to them.

You Must Be Able to Defend Yourself

You should have items on hand that will allow you to defend yourself from mugging or attack from a predator.  Many times, your security items in your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) will also aid you in hunting.

Work Is Easier With Light and Power

In a bug out, you will have to do a lot.  You need lighting to help you see as well as energy that can help make easier work of everything.

You Have to Keep Everyone Well

You need items in your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) that can keep you from easily getting sick or hurt, but if you do, you need to be able to fix the problem.

Fuel Equals Distance

The more fuel you have with your vehicle, the further you can go.  It is simple.  Your car needs fuel, just like you.

Keep Your Ride Reliable

If your vehicle breaks down during a bug out, you need supplies on hand to fix the problems.  Consider these items as your vehicle first-aid kit.

Utilitarian Tools Make Already Expected Work Much Easier

Trying to navigate or stay warm while changing a tire are more difficult without the correct items to do so.  Keeping tools on hand for some common mishaps could save you, down-the-road.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)

By understanding your basic needs for life, and the reliability needs your vehicle has, you can ensure that you have the proper gear for nearly everything that would happen during a vehicle based bug out.

Now that you know the basic needs in a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), can you think of any specific tools that would be needed for each category?

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