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Boundary disputes are extremely common in the court system.  It usually happens in rural areas, which is typically where you would have a BOL (Bug Out Location). Your Fence line  is NOT Your Boundary. Learn It or Be Sued. Many people assume that their boundaries are where their fences lie.  If you think this is […]

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Purchasing a Bug Out Location is a perfect example of a property that can be placed at the muzzle end of a “legal firing squad” Not only will you purchase a property that you may not be too familiar with, but you also will not be able to manage the property as well as a […]

Legal Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing Land for a Bug ...

Relying on Your Bushcraft Skills Instead of Breakable Gear Interview with Brian Adey, Author of the book, The Adventure of a Lifetime Background: Brian an author, high school teacher, and outdoors man.  He has been active in the outdoors from childhood, but has been actively honing his bushcraft/survival skills for the past two years.  He […]

114: Brian Adey Interview on Bushcraft – The Prepper Podcast

You are making an investment in purchasing your property.  It is insurance as well as a home, therefore requires much thought. The following items could help you find quality that others won’t.  It could also keep you from making a costly mistake. Quick but Amazing Tips to Help Choose Your Land Here are many different […]

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Random, Yet Amazing Things You MUST Know as a Prepper Interview with David Kershner, Author of the 3-Part, and soon to be 4, Book Series “Foreign and Domestic” Background: David Kershner is a husband, father of two teenage daughters, avid outdoorsman (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking). Passionate about self reliance, self sufficiency, and preparedness. Grow as […]

113: Interview with David Kershner, Author of the 3-Part, and ...

Outbuildings are extremely important.  Although adding services will make a property value go up, outbuildings usually don’t.  Outbuildings can provide you with a ton of value, even though you didn’t have to pay extra for it. Great Uses of Existing Outbuildings Old barns provide shelter to your animals and supplies. Carports can cover your tractors, […]

Outbuildings are Gold, When Purchasing Bug Out Location Land