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Yes, You Can Have an Off-Grid Home Completely Independent from Central Utilities It is true that you can have a semi-off-grid option to most city/county utilities.   It is extremely important that you can provide yourself with the basic survival needs independently. This is an obvious truth to mature survivalists.  We typically know a lot on […]

Why REAL Preppers DO Want Utility Service Connections on Their ...

Water is responsible for life on our planet, and that isn’t going to change. One of the best and first items to set up for your land is to have water available and some services.  This will provide you with amazing resources while you make your BOL into your dream property. You Want Abundant Water? […]

Achieve Abundant Water on Your Bug Out Location (BOL) with ...

Don’t overpay or regret your decisions. This may be simple, but many people do it wrong.  Don’t get too emotional when purchasing your property and well ahead of the time that you look at purchasing land, spend a bit of time assessing the area and the typical market value and assessment values, so you aren’t […]

111: Bug out Location Purchasing, Land, and Layout – The ...

As much as you want a nice Bug Out Location (BOL), a deceiving individual wants to sell one to you.  They want to sell you a property with no value for a huge profit. Fight back against them. Assess the price of the properties that you are looking at. Once you have decided where you […]

Protect Yourself from Crooks When Purchasing a Bug-Out Location

If you don’t make smart choices when purchasing a Bug Out Location (BOL), you could eventually lose it because you couldn’t afford it in the first place. Do you want to know what you can afford?  I have a simple technique that can tell you something that is affordable according to what your income is. […]

Simple and Amazing Budgeting For Bug Out Location Purchases

Choosing an Amazing Bug-Out Location (BOL) 9 Cheap and Effective BUG OUT LOCATIONS (BOLs) The best bug out locations cost very little, they will get you through most disasters. Most are not what you would expect to be a good bug out destination. Possible Bug-Out Locations (BOLs): A Hotel Cheap Studio Apartment Your Family Your […]

110: 9 Effective BOL Options – The Prepper Podcast