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Don’t Allow Fear to Define You If I allowed my fear to take over, then I never would have started my business. Fear would keep me from taking action.  People fear failure, because they don’t really know what it is. You Are Wrong, THEY Taught You WRONG! The basic definition of failure in Merriam-Webster dictionary […]

101: Redefining Failure and Turning It into Opportunity and Finding ...

symbolism of christmas
Christmas is Bright with Symbolism and Lights During Christmas time, we see all kinds of symbols.  What do these symbols mean? Christmas Was Shunned by Christians First Christians didn’t celebrate the birth of Christ, because birthdays were a Pagan tradition. Eventually Catholics celebrated Christmas, but Protestant reformers hated it.  They thought the rowdy and bright […]

Symbolism of Christmas

survival gifts
If you are looking for a few awesome and quick ideas for that prepper in your life (or yourself), then I have a small list of really neat items. These are all amazing examples of items that may not seem “responsible” but are extremely fun Christmas gifts that you can give your loved ones that […]

10 Amazing Survival Gifts to Give to Those You Love

You can’t beat today’s podcast before Christmas. Amazing Preparedness Christmas Presents for that Prepper in your life! Christmas is fast approaching and you haven’t figured out what to get your prepper spouse.  Or you want to help your children become more prepared and realize this is the perfect opportunity to get them prepared. There is […]

099: Amazing Prepping Gadgets and Gear As Christmas Gifts 2015 ...

crossfire defense
Crossfire is extremely effective! Crossfire is both Offensive and Defensive. By “interlocking fire,” or lining up your weapons’ so the arcs of fire overlap, you make it extremely difficult for anyone to attack either of you. Crossfire is difficult to hide from. By setting up from two different angles, it is difficult for others to […]

Awesome Military Tactical Maneuvers – Crossfire Defense