Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel Tactic

center peel

Military Tactical Maneuvers: Center Peel


What is the Center Peel Tactic?

If you are at all aware of the overwatch position, or the leapfrogging tactic, you know all about using cover fire for your advancing members.  But what about retreat?  What if you find yourself in harms way against a larger group with more fire power?

One way you could fall back is called the “Center Peel.”  Many infantry simply call this “Peel.”

Center Peel is a tactic where your group or unit will retreat under cover fire.  You will move diagonally in the direction of your retreat.

How is Center Peel Performed?

Center Peel

When you are in the need to retreat, and the command for center peel is given, your group will form a rough battle line.  The second to farthest person from the retreat direction shouts, “Peel One!”

Then the guy at the end of the line will move diagonally to the direction of retreat.  He will move behind and then to the other side of the one that shouted “Peel One!” Once he is in a location of about 3 feet, or 1 meter, diagonally behind the “one” person, he resumes suppression fire.

The rest of the commands will be “Peel!” and the person running back, or peeling, will have to run behind suppression fire.

The suppression fire gives the benefit of delaying the opposing force’s advance and attack.

The slanting motion of center peel, gives the impression of a growing number of guys joining the battle, which will mentally delay the opposition as well.  It also allows us to keep the field of fire open for each group member.

Center Peel is an awesome method of retreat if you find yourself overcome.  It is designed for groups with lower numbers, which means it is designed for those that are looking to defend their neighborhood and homes with a small group.

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