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Waze app
Waze Android App (available on iOS as well) Waze is a smartphone app that acts as a crowd sourced Navigation app with real time traffic and hazard information. Waze was originally started by an Israeli company but was sold to Google in 2014.  Original Waze was already awesome in function where it crowdsourced most of […]

Waze App

Housekeeping: I still have room in my FREE WEBINAR: Creative first Aid Kit Components a. 45 Min Webinar b. All the things you can learn: i.Up to 20 Common Items you probably already have ii. How to use what you […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

064: Awesome News, New Free Webinar and Tracking Animals

survive in pandemic
I don’t often go into the larger scale issues like nuclear fall-out in your area or a regional or national pandemic.  Today, however, it is time to turn on your thinking caps.  Time to think outside the box and inside your shop-vac. When I prepare for scenarios, like nuclear radiation, I will typically plan on […]

DIY How to Create Positive Air Pressure Supply for Home ...

I have a new training that is out.  It is FREE! With “Creative First Aid Kit Components”, you can learn thing like: Creative Items You May Already Have to Use for Your First Aid Kit Items that the Experts Use in Their First Aid Kits because they Work Better Than What You Can Buy How […]

FREE TRAINING: Creative First Aid Kit Components