How To Build A Snare Trap: Squirrel Pole

How To Build a Squirrel pole trap

trap squirrel pole

Everyone thinks that when the crap hits the fan, that they will go out into the wilderness and hunt.  They will never run out of mean or anything to kill.

If you decided to hide in the wilderness, the deer population will go  pretty quick.  If you are lost or stuck in a wooded area, you probably will not be going after large game, but smaller animals instead.

If you find yourself hungry, try building a bunch of these in the forest: Squirrel Pole Traps

A squirrel pole is a long pole that is leaned against a tree in an area with lots of squirrels.

How to build the Squirrel Pole Trap

Typically the pole will need several nooses along the top and sides of the pole.  The nooses will be 5-6 centimeters in diameter and about 2.5 centimeters off the pole.

Place the end nooses about half a meter or 1.5 feet from the top and bottom of the pole.  This keeps the squirrel from being able to get feet on a solid surface where he can reposition and chew through the wire.

Since squirrels are curious, they will eventually climb the pole and get caught.  Once one is caught, others will climb it to see what is going on.

Build several of these poles so you can catch many squirrels, and do so more quickly.

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