Performance Tool – Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel Review

Performance Tool – Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel Review

Performance Tool – Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel ReviewRead my detailed review of the Performance Tool Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel from O’Reilly Auto Parts.  I am going to put it to the limits for my own needs, and give the results.

I told you during my last post, where I reviewed a rotary, hand-operated, gas pump, that I got a funnel.  If you want to have the entire story on why I decided to purchase the funnel I will be reviewing today, just go to How to Siphon Gas With a Rotary Pump: Lumax LX-1318 Review

I purchased the Performance Tool – Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel at O’Reilly Auto Parts because I needed a better way to pump gasoline into my tank, but allowing it to breath as it was filled, so it didn’t end up burping or spilling gasoline from the pressure buildup.

Well, I chose the WRONG funnel.  Main reason that I chose this particular funnel was that it had a strainer in the funnel, to filter out large particles in the gas.

The funnel was constructed well, and did not leak in the flexible area, but the open end of the funnel was way too shallow to handle the amount of flow coming from the pump that I bought.  As soon as I started using the funnel, gasoline got everywhere.

The funnel also did not want to stay upright.  I had to wire-tie it to the gas door of my car, just to get it to stand upright, however the flexible stem on the funnel locked into place extremely well and stayed in the position that I bent it into.

This funnel doesn’t claim much on the O’Reilly website.  All it says under product details is that it is 6 inches in diameter with a 12 inch spout (that would be the flexible stem).  The depth of this funnel was probably 4-5 inches, which, like I said, was horrible for my application.

Performance Tool – Galvanized Flex Spout Funnel ReviewI will not be returning this funnel, because I can see that it is a nicely constructed funnel, for LOW FLOW applications, such as oils.

For something more high flow, next time I will probably look into the Hopkins FloTool 05034 Super Funnel.  I am not going to purchase this funnel at this time, because I have come up with another solution for my refueling needs.

Bottom Line: Good Funnel for low flow applications, but awful for high flow applications.  Solid construction, but it is metal, so store the funnel inside where it will not be likely to rust.

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