TPP019 Federal Reserve System Definition, Board, What is National Debt

In episode 19 of the prepper podcast, I explain what the national debt is and the federal reserve system definition. I discuss about the federal reserve board

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To go to the episode click here: define economy, define federal reserve bank, what is federal reserve bank, explain federal reserve bank, define inflation, explain inflation, what is inflation, what is smart money, define debt, what is debt, explain debt, federal debt, united states debt

Some topics in this discussion are:

  • I answer a phone call about wood pellet stove vs wood stove
  • Explain the different types of money and what it really is
  • The Federal Reserve and how money is created
  • How money is actually created by YOU!
  • We get taxed more and more while money is worth less and less
  • The government is trying to get their greedy little hands on our savings now
  • I also talk about the GDP a little

Make sure you go to Episode 19 and listen.

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