Video: How to Split Wood or Logs or Chop Wood with No Issues 2

I want to show you a trick that I use to split wood from logs or trunks so it doesn’t fall all over the ground in the process. Chop wood like this…quickly.

I have chopped firewood where the trunk of a tree, as you chop it, will fall to pieces.  Then you have to keep picking it back up.

Why would you want to do this?  It is back breaking labor to keep picking stuff up. I am all for doing the work required of us, but if there are better techniques, I will do that.  Why would I keep carrying stuff when I could use a wheel barrow?  So, why would I deal with the problems of splitting when there is no need.

I will show you something really cool that will help you with splitting firewood.  This technique is awesome.  I also give some pointers to make it more successful for you than even my video was.


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